AGS you need to do something about eac fix it or replace with something else, This is serious stuff

Game is being out for 9 month and players calling it eac is garbege but you still have no resolution rather keeping that trash eac.

I am sorry but this isnt stage of when the game just got released it’s been 9 months since launch.

This is some serious sht. Majority players get error code dc is from EAC.

I think it’s time you replace or remove eac to into some other eac.

These dc crap was ongoing since last patch and as this is not being fixed properly and taking way too long to get a fix. Players can’t login and eventually they will quit if this is ongoing.

I am in na west region I dont get any dc from eac or from the server tbh I have no issue But the amount of players that getting dc frequently and it’s bad experience when this happens Everday.

Please ags we are not asking for rocket science


do your job


What? you want more Black friday 100$ and up promotions? We hear you. next pach, they will add 300$ pack full of garbage but 800% value they hear you.

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