AGS You Should Monetize This Way

I would pay 10$/month to not have to do a single guardian raid/chaos dungeon on all my chars but they get the rewards from them as “bound items” on a “rested” basis. It can even be daily value of rewards if you want to be generous.

Wasting time on chores for progression reasons makes no sense and this is cheaper than swiping for honing materials.

F2p players with more time can still do rested/daily and not have to pay 10$/month

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Yeah no chance, and you wrote why.

You can buy honing material, you want a ton of more materials for much less lol

that’s not necessarily true. It’s about business models.

AGS wont’ know how much income they will make from people fomo whaling for materials.

Having a subscription like this is a guaranteed source of income you can tout to investors.

Thats why many gacha games like LA have subscription where u get a lot for less vs straight up buying stuff out of the gacha store. Subscription models are intended to be like that

Is it per character purchasable? Just applies to 1? Whole roster?

There’s no way it can be roster wide. They won’t give people 24 characters worth of dailies for $10 while doing nothing.

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exact details need to be figured out but yea. The limitation of the subscription is you only get “rested daiiles” worth of materials and it uses up all ur chaos dungeon/guardian raids, etc.

Ie if u need/want more than that you have to swipe anyways/just take it slower

Thousands of players are completely f2p for one reason or another and will absolutley hate this.

The one thing i really do like about this game , despite it being p2w, is that it is expensive to p2w if you want to keep up with a dedicated f2p player. [Assuming RC exchange rates】

This would have to be closer to $50 a month to forgo dailies. $10 a month would be way too cheap and would likely intice players to play less.

Personally, as a f2p i would totally hate this change lol, when i feel like i have 2 many dailies to do and i don’t feel like doing it guess what? i just skip it for the day and do them the next day with
rested bonus lol

If I wanted to ruin a business I would give them that advice but they would probably fire me directly for that

yea I’m offering 10$/month to skip even rested dailies. I only do rested too

I would never understand the whole “pay to play less” mentality


it’s simple if you need an explanation.

I enjoy raiding week 1 on all my chars.

I don’t enjoy dailies.

Dailies → progression for raiding.

I’ll pay to play the game the way I want to (ie no dailies but raiding).

If you think dailies is “playing” we’re on different wavelengths

Welp, you think raiding is “playing” we’re on different wavelengths indeed.

I would switch to a subscription based game in a minute.

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if ure not playing LA for raiding and youre playing it to do chaos/guardians dailies sheesh… You’re probably closer in line with the robots on this game than the actual players

If ure not playing LA for RP/dailies/chill and youre playing it to do raids only sheesh…
You’re probably closer in line with the robots on this game than the actual players

yea bots are clearly doing valtan, vykas, clown, brel :slight_smile:

10$ ? kekw
make it a week

Why make it 10$ a month to play when other regions aren’t doing it. Dam people open your third eye. Yall want this and that but when it is implemented yall gna go crying why other regions don’t get it either or “it doesn’t work make it f2p again.”

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If you don’t want to play the game at all, just buy the UBER-BLASTER-Premiun plan, for US$ 350.00 per month, and you also get Valtan, Vykas and Brelshaza mats every week.

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