Ags you sure about no suprise with summoner there wont be additional express event & power pass?

I know last time i heard from cm there won’t be any free power pass or express event on scouter and i remember there was patch notes with scouter saying free power pass with express event will be released when there was not a plan about releasing event with scouter that was confirmed by cm.

making sure there isn’t no surprise just like scouter.



the last power pass and event is the one released with reaper , and it was stated it could be used on reaper or hold off until summoner but no other event will come out , the patch notes are advising if you just coming back there is an event going on

Hell no.

They were pretty clear on that being a no

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Current Hyper Express lasts till February, so this is your answer.
You will probably get a new Hyper and Power Pass with Artist around 15th February on our 1st anniversary.

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You can buy your surprise PP in the shop

Anniversary? 1 year of Not fixing bot Problems. Sounds Like a good one

On top of that, the game itself warn you when you choose a character for Express Event, that you may chose wisely who you give that Express Event missions, as it will be shared with next class release.

dude they clearly stated when they give powerpass and hyper event they applied to both classes so if you want a summoner you should have saved it.

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no they been saying since nov and dec, that they share the same pass end express,
and there have never been 2 active expresses in any region

I dont understand its so many times statet that Express and PP are for Both new Classes. Why stil begging?

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maybe you get one on christmas

They said it like 6-7 times. One event and powerpass are enough for 2 characters.

for scout they said they don’t know for a pp or event for summoner they said only one for both

lol you guys not evening reading post properly, this post is not about begging additional power pass or express event. Just making sure they don’t release surprise free power pass and another event on the next patch notes just like what happen to scouter.

Making sure they are firm on what they said about no additional event and power pass on summoner with no surprises.

Not asking for additional power pass or additional express event. Perhaps I shouldn’t post about this topic in the first place.

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