When it comes to problem solving. AGS/SG devs team cannot compete to these BOTS devs.

Oh my… :frowning:

This is a western mmo problem. Actually not just western mmo, any western game will have a cheat/hack problem and they wont have any solution for this.

What’s the difference between not solving it and not solving it at all and allowing robots to proliferate? What kind of AGS do you think it is?

Asian botters and cheaters are smarter confirm.

My favorite part was when they lost hundreds of thousands of players and a million player potential just out of sheer incompetence because they decided to remove the ID system. This has been like probably one of the worst moves I’ve seen in gaming history since… (5minutes later) forever? Jesus I just realized that i have never in my 24 years of gaming seen someone make such a massive mistake ever. Not even the shenanigans OW dev team pulled off to lose most of their billion dollar IP value managed to individually be as horrifyingly bad of a move as this was. And I just realized this after typing this and trying to figure out with google what the worst move devs have made for a game has been. I think this is the #1 so congratz on AGS/SG for making history


Proberly on pair with productivity til ASG :laughing:

There’s no equivalent ID system to the KSSN system they can use in the west. Attempts to add one in the '90s were thwarted by people who wanted to make sure illegals could vote.

But SSN doesn’t have to be a necessity for the system to work since even the KR version uses an i-Pin tied to that phone number which is merely linked to your KSSN, but is a separate entity to protect that KSSN privacy. Rather than remove the entire system altogether you can still use the phone number verification method without necessitating a linked SSN to the process. And you can use those in the west pretty much freely considering how many phone ID systems there already are in place. It’s basically yesterday that OW introduced it and they run it worldwide. Saying that there’s a problem with it is disingenuous and if some weird sub government would have a problem with it the individuals could still use the VPN methods to access the game

It isn’t nearly as secure of an option, but just creating a tight bottleneck is enough to miniscule the whole problem of botting to a micro level where it doesn’t cause mass harm to the game not just on a macro level but on a micro level too. I mean the entire game is just completely messed up and going to be gone by the Q3 of 2023 thanks to this insane negligence

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I’ve pitched the idea to the mods here about using Steam’s phone authenticator app since it’s tied to a single device. A mod here said they’ve taken note of it but never heard about it again.

It’s entirely useless without a way to authenticate the owner of the phone number. Consider how much spam you get via cellphone in America, that happens because there’s no way to tell the sender’s number belongs to a real person and a citizen.

I don’t know what AGS was thinking. I unblocked countless robot EAC accounts, and the robot social group was so happy that it was ready to explode

This doesnt count as a feedback?

It’s not a GAME problem.

In developements “bad side” is always better.

In game, for sure, there is cheat, hacking, but on other domain, like security, hacker are always ahead of defense in many case.

It is what it is :confused:

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The bot devs have way more experience to bypas something… Its mot their first game where they botting lol

You saying that AGS/SG devs are amateurs?


Pretty sure they don’t have a team recruted just to dev our version.
Also pretty sure it’s not the main team of Lost ark that is on our version.

What would your deduction be ?

They are not amateurs, but trainee.

That’s what i think.

If they are not amatuers. I’d say they are incompetent. Or maybe their biggest problem is also their biggest business.

Who knows…

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Im not saying they are amateurs but the people who develop bots know exactly how to fix something frlm other games, cuz most mmos tries the same with vpn etc

And not a single mmo can fix the bot Problemy imagine wow was f2p

Here’s what I see about this game being f2p.

F2P model is an open invite to BOT developers. There’s more money by selling in 3rd party market than selling the game itself to be played fair. And we dont even know who’s behind all these bots and we will never know.

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The cure for this problem is simple.

KR and JP have strict ID authentification policy, they ban or block VPNs (usually well-known commercial ones) regularly, force to use OTP, require mobile number and even personal SSN.

In West, it will never gonna happen.

Do you think their XIGNCODE is superior to EAC? Nonsense.