AGS/SG You're tearing the community apart

Every post is either yes release this class or no dont…

So just release artist so we can move on LOL


Yes release it, so the community can shit on it 1 day after release, all the while having dogshit builds, engravings and gems on it and not putting in the time to actually learn it properly. :rofl:

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Sounds like every other class that would be released so why not xD


True. AGS please release artist asap :rofl:

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joke aside it indeed looks fun af especially in pvp.

People will have another class to bitch about in pvp. Can’t wait for those forum threads (good or bad) on artist in PVP :rofl:



We won’t get Artist until last. Just gotta wait

is waiting finished yet?

Clearly, this community doesn’tneed AGS and SG for that.

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Why would you say she would be released last? Yes she is the newest BUT sorceress is the second newest and we got her on launch. Plus a large portion of at least the thread (proven by multiple polls) want artist next (which we wont get as destroyer is next xD) so the community at least a good portion want her.

she looks SO MUCH fun in pvp. Although i love glavier in pvp its honestly hilarious how i can lock up someone for a solid 20 seconds xD

Why would they pull such a good decision? It would financially ruin them :sweat_smile:

at least, some artist players goes on forum the same way their favourite class looks like

Child just multiplying topics to get attention


i dont understand lol

Is just a few handful actually.

But I agree, this group of users spamming artist topics everywhere is getting quite out of hand and annoying.

While I support paintbrushers release, this is getting annoying specially when they just bring the artist topic in every single thread indifferently of what is the topic about.


Yeah full agree. I love my glaivier for both pvp and pve. I don’t understand how people can call her bad/boring 1 day into the class release. Like wtf? You didn’t even invest into her or actually learn to play her properly. Hope this wouldn’t happen with future classes but pretty sure it will coz general NA players have a turd for a brain.

I support all class release to be as fast as possible…

But with how some artist (and also problem similar begin to grow on scouter side) i think i would be happy to see them disappointed if the roadmap doesn’t mean their expectation… would feel like… karma :’)

People should stop being bratty selfish and full of need attention sometime. the class release problem is not a “artist relase” but “artist + scouter + arcana + reaper + summoner release”. artist release ? good news. reaper release ? good news. both are needed equally for the game… Both deserve equally to be released as soon as possible… and so does for the 3 others


Yeah, it has sadly become a circle of

“Fk ur class bc I dont like it, give me mine”

When people should just request the possibillity of increased pace, I know there might be problems out of their control to accelerate it, but the community would support this very hard.

I’m not yet at the point of hoping to see their disappointment but I’m starting to make my own conspiracy theory (god damn) about this users not wanting Drawmeister and that’s why they literally hijack every single thread with attacks to whoever thinks otherwise leading to thread delisting.

But then I read the thread of someone explaining what Roxx meant at the end of the maint notes with “Aiming no sooner for the 3rd week for content release” and relax from these conspiracies lol

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roadmap are for three month (the previous began march and went for march/april/may but was removed and reworked… I think we can hope a full summer roadmap)

And most of time, when i said “what we need is a summer roadmap with ALL classes” people agreed. because at first it is on the pace of 2/month, everyone will know when class release and can do what they want to enjoy it (break days, hoarding mats etc) and for the CM, it would be an end about all those “debate” (some would continue to say “they said nothing is absolutely decided they can still change” but most forum will answer “shutup” )

And i am hoping their disappointment, because as said “some” are a problem in forum with this spam, but also “some” are totally fine, sticking mostly on a topic (or when there are a really good reason) and would be sad, for those who respects the other forum user to get disappointment… BUUUUUT i think those last would get far less disappointment if expectation are not met… ironically …