AGS/SH Going to Ever Address Que in NAW?

Just curious if this is ever going to be addressed. It’s been happening for months and it gets worse and worse on the weekend. Over 10K que on NAW servers.

Is this the way it is going to be? No solutions? Just hope it goes away?

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I remember all the NA-W threads about how your region was going to be dead.

Now you have the most players in the game. Better than NA-E and EU for popularity.

Give it time, players will eventually log on less and youe que will get better. Game is still new and super hyped.

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I heard bots go where there is business that true?

If the solution is to “deal with it”, you’re going to alienate a lot of players. That region will die and you will be left with Bots Ark - NAW edition

NA-W has a huge pop :thinking:

Large pop will attract a few bots. More people = more bots.

Itll balance out like it did on NA-E and EU.

Maybe a NA-W South and people can move there like they did for EU ?

California bottin’ KEKW

With how many bots there are and them still messing with the max player counts because their servers are “unstable” for some ungodly reason, I doubt it goes away any time soon.

For a company as big as AGS (based on publicly available information 1000+ employees), there are zero reasons that server performance should still be an issue this far in, bots or not. It’s kind of dumb.

Bots and weekend queues have been the first thing discussed this morning; this weekend it spiked to become a massive problem again, and the team is working through putting new immediate solutions and mitigations in place asap


too late , we asked all weekend we got no response. i am done with this game have fun dripping people. its , clear you guys have no clue what your doing and the boting is only ever getting worse not less.


Any chance that enabling server transfers is being discussed? Not a solution to the bots but a solution for the player base.

did you consider that they aren’t working on the weekend???

Is it safe to assume that a good 60 - 70% of the player count is made up of bots? In the leveling areas, it seems like 90% of what I see are bots (or players just happening to being all moving the same)

Don’t forget to close the door on the way out :slight_smile:

Write / Change a review guys, it’s not fair that you’re sitting in one spot whether you’re a whale, a guppy or a F2P! You’re in line behind bots, you’re not even waiting for real people.


Thanks Roxx. Could you maybe please also relay to leadership that many of us on NAW are becoming increasingly frustrated with the situation.

Yes, we understand that you’re working on measures. Yes, we understand that it takes time, but this really is getting out of control.

Perhaps they should rethink their current stance on how players are punished for RMT and enforce more heavy handed measures, since the reason as to why bots continue to bot is because there is a market for it.

It’s time for leadership to admit that they’ve been far too lenient as it is not enough of a detriment to discourage players from engaging in this behavior. If leadership and developers cannot get a system in place quickly, then at least try to encourage them to shift their stance and issue punishments that are more severe, enough to discourage the behavior.



It solves nothing, but gives Amazon more money. If they do not start punishing RMTers in equal measure (if at all), then the botting will simply start following the players around to whatever server. You will pay for temporary queue relief, just as all measures to this point have been extremely limited.

Have you guys written Steam reviews?

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Oh come on Lonely, are you really asking me that?

(Ofc I have)

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Glad to hear it! Let’s make ourselves heard :slight_smile:

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Not to nitpick, but shouldn’t the team against bots be working towards an immediate solution all the time? Bots and RMT is literally the biggest problem in Lost Ark.
Classes, legion raids, and skins won’t benefit the game if it’s full of 90% bots and 10% RMT whales.