AGS/Smilegate are bunch of liars!

The honing buffs and the deadzone at 1300-1370 needs to go yet its still in the game,
Stronghold buff needs to be available…

At this point of time you guys have more BOTS and RMT than any other region combined… yet you fail to understand this simple thing:

Having easier honing buffs especially in the deadzone would decrease RMT , here is the thing… more people you have doing end game content, less people will need the feel of RMT-ing and also bots cannot farm in end game so the more you separate players from the beginning / starter zones the more income the company will make and the more the players will be happy.

And on the other hand … there’s no way to make an alt and bring it in 1445+ without these buffs would take several months, right now you are forcing players to either play the same class or RMT gold for the a different class especially a support which everyone kinda needs right now.

Right now all you guys doing is just forcing players to RMT and not buy royal crystals this is flawed so hard…


  1. Lied about honing buffs.
    2.Lied that you will make classes come out faster and be up to date in the shortest time possible.
  2. Lied that the skins won’t be changed
  3. Lied about a roadmap coming with patchnotes.

There are no patch-notes whatsoever we don’t know exactly whats stored from us in a earlier communication for us to prepare.

And right now 85% of the playerbase is just BOTS! You guys are just too afraid of banning people right now because that would mean the playerbase is actually less than that, you do it to keep the game look alive… yet its just bots… all this crap was just for the money.

Smile Gate did a very bad job of letting this failure of a publisher getting lost ark.
And not only that… they lied as well saying that they want the global release to catchup in no time, no thats total bullsh… if thats the case if you release content already at this pace you need at least 3-4 events rolling in the same time + honing buffs to don’t feel to catch up swiping.

LIES LIES LIES. I also suspect amazon is just hiring bots at this point since the only punishment for RMT is just 2-3 day ban at best and keeping all the gold too :expressionless: WHAT?!
And now without stronghold buffs and the not present deadzone honing buffs either you guys are just pushing the real players to RMT or LEAVE your crap. Do you think they will buy crystals ? NOPE why to pay 3x the price when a oonga boonga guy selling the same thing for less??? Whales do the same whales do it everyone is doing RMT… what a joke of company this is… not even hearing our taking in consideration our thoughts or opinions…
You have right there the votes for new classes yet it has nothing to do with it :expressionless:
You have some interesting ideeas for BOTS right here on the forums like: adding 2FA and so on… but none of you guys even listen… what a joke !

Signing off.


wait what? when did they said all of this?

I know for a fact that they NEVER said classes will come “faster” than what we had on NA, they said faster than KR, which is exactly what we are getting

skins are the same as Kr.

When they said this?


I would love to see all the posts were they “lied” so i can be angry too

  1. Original roadmap / release notes had the honing buffs included and they were ninja removed about a day before launch

  2. They said they were listening to NA/EU players and heard that one class per 2mo is too slow then came out a week ago with “We are gonna do one per two weeks to bring in more players” basically fuck all y’all already here we need new blood

  3. They did change skins tho, are we forgetting undyeable lawmaker round 2 and Noble Banquet that released undyeable but was changed due to outrage


This was a MISTAKE, they never said yeah we are going to get them with Vykas patch.


Bro Lawmaker is an EXCLUSIVE SKIN FOR NA… it doesn’t even exist on Kr… The Banquete skin was DYEABLE (the one in the ark pass) just like KOREA, the one for blue crystals doesn’t even exist in kr…

Guys it’s okay if you are mad at AGS but just don’t spread lies and misinformation to fit your narrative pls there is absolute no need to lie in order to be angry at amazon.


Also honing buffs are already in the game in all regions and all came with vykas patch and later on they added the DEADZONE honing buff yet here they told us they want us to be there yet this is just forcing players to RMT or just quit…

Imagine wanting to switch mains yet you cant because you would be too behind of your friends that are crying for a support in a legion raid :expressionless:

Right now gold river in his interviews looks like a total :clown_face: , the game is in a state that plays it self, no humans just bots…

This is 100% fake, honing buff was at Brelshaza in Kr, they got the Stronghold buff at Vykas NOT THE “GOOD” HONING BUFF
But lets say this is true… Now tell me where they said that we were getting honing buffs with Vykas? where is the post?

It’s literally the same shit in Kr they have the honing buffs but you HAVE to go to 1500+ in order to catch up so it’s the same.

The only one who looks like this: :clown_face: is you and your LIES.
(Also Gold River was expecting 200k peak at start and we got 1.3m so i doubt he feels like that)

Like i said you don’t have to lie in order to be angry at ags if you don’t like their decisions thats 100% fine just don’t spread misinformation.

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They likely don’t think it matters since only like 0.5% of players would be 1460 by next week and the stronghold buff needs you to be 1460


There’s a second buff that is for all content like t1/t2 which I believe ends up giving us a +25% bonus odds with both buffs active

25% is insane when 1340+ odds reach like 15%

Yeah the stronghold buff is not that important, thats not the buff people from NA wants afaik (both buffs combined are what makes leveling from 1340 to 1415 easy in Kr)

okey~nothing new here~ we all know they r liars, yet we still playing their game~

Yeah and what makes you think that the game is in a good shape right now ? Tell me how many players are actual players from the charts :expressionless:

Also i didn’t even mentioned, what if new player starts to play the game ? How that player can reach that end game in a reasonable time and not feel like way way too late… doing T1/T2 content alone… i don’t think its fun, for anyone. But since the botting problem is so huge this will only cause more harm then good of adding like a paid skip or a free code to reach to T3 for example…

The 2 most obvious solutions is to add 2FA and perma ban RMT. This wont stop bots like 100% but it would sure help.

stronghold buff was available since Vykas… i dont see any other streamer mentioning it came later* also it doesnt even matter since we actually need it because we get everything released at a faster pace!
1460 until next week ??? Not possible without events and without some buffs.
Deadzone regardless when it was added it needs to go otherwise this is just a lie as well… just having an event that barely gives chicken strips as rewards to do 1 - 2 extra hone attempts PER WEEK is just not enough :expressionless:

i NEVER said this… All im saying is that you dont have to LIE in order to be angry at AGS.

What does this has to do with our conversation tho? are you trying to say that because this is happening you had to lie?

I’m not even arguing this.

Thats the whole problem, you just don’t understand what are you asking for… (you are not the only one tho)
There are 2 buffs:

  • the honing buffs (the one introduced in the astalgia patch)(the one NA wants)(the one leaked in the patch notes from our version)
  • And the Stronghold Honing buff (this one is the one that Kr got at Vykas)
    So you are asking for the first buff but Kr got it at brelshaza…

What lie?.. I’m starting to think you don’t even know the meaning of the word “lie”

But then again, what does it have to do with “AMAZON LYING”? WHERE ARE THE POSTS WERE THEY LIED? SHOW THEM TO ME PLS.
I know the game is not in a good state right now cuz of the bots and RMTers but not because of that i will lie.

It’s Smilegates fault for not wanting to add these things in the game.

Edit: to clarify I mean their at fault as well as AGS, not Purely on Smilegate.

russia’s publisher ‘‘’’ removed the knowledge transfer feature entirely because a large portion of their revenue is generated through their powerpasses that are available in the cash shop.

on RU, a vern powerpass (lvl 50 boost) is around 5 usd, so most people find it cheap enough to just buy it every single time they want to level an alt, the publisher used the excuse that it would ‘‘be abused by bots’’ when in reality bots would never use 600g when they can just bot the entire leveling process in one day.

if you think AGS has no say whatsoever when it comes to these decision you are blind.


LEts review bomb Lost ark RU!!!

I don’t believe they will ever ban RMTers Perma anyway, they would lose half of their remaining non bot population.

I truly feel that most people in end game that aren’t super hardcore that play 10 hours a day or a streamer are RMTers or get so lucky it’s insane.

I’ve pitied every piece of gear from +10-+13 and am only 1420 and I do feel that I play a lot on 5 characters, I do all my dailies every day and some horizontal stuff but seems like it’s just never enough.

I’ll eventually reach it but it’s like two weeks of farming for 10 ilevels.

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10 ilvls is huge tho Vykas is 15 ilvl away from Valtan. Vykas Hard is 15ilvl away from Valtan hard, Kukul is 15 ilvl away from Vykas hard, Brelshaza is 15 ilvl away from kukul

luck being a factor in honing is literally just designed to be exactly like gambling, feeding you scraps by making you magically hit those crazy 5% odds and absolutely shitting in your face by making you hit 100% artisans to incentivize you to hit up the cash shop to buy some gold with royal crystals and keep honing.

you just ‘‘might get lucky’’ the next time you hit that upgrade button.

honestly, as someone who grinds the living shit out of this game, unless you are part of some sort of competitive guild, just play this shit slow and wait for catchup events, it will burn the fucking shit out of you if you keep permagrinding this game

I’m playing A LOT every day, im already Vykas HM ready and i keep playing a lot, and im not burned yet XD

Yea but I worry at the speed of the release, it’s ten ilevels for me for normal which is fine, then another 15 for hard Valtan and 15 more for Vykas hard.

At the correct rate of release, by the time I get Vykas hard, I’ll be two legion raids behind lol.

I think it’s a lot of issues with speed, as if lost ark was a new game overall and they were releasing content every 4-5 months like a normal new game, that’s a lot of time in-between for people to get there.

Don’t worry, we aren’t getting Kukul anytime soon, maybe in 2 more months after Vykas so you have plenty of time

They released Vykas 1 month after Valtan in every region tho