AGS/Smilegate Owes the Community an Explanation Around Communication

All of the petty threads and constant complaints from this toxic community aside, one thing that all players have a right to be upset about is how terrible the communication has been for Lost Ark in NA.

I’m not aware of any other MMO in existence that isn’t able tell their player base if a major piece of content is dropping until one day before a patch.

I’m sure its possible that Smilegate and AGS were trying very hard to release the update this week. They probably weren’t sure if they were going to hit the date or not, and they didn’t want to say anything one way or another. I also can’t say I blame them for not wanting to communicate anything with this toxic of a community. However, there are plenty of reasonable people out there that are just looking for SOME form of communication.

Communication has been, by far, the biggest issue for Lost Ark since it was released in North America. There have been many promises to improve the communication, but from my perspective, its gotten much worse. It’s hard to take this game seriously when communication around major content releases is this poor.

How does AGS plan to address communication issues regarding major content releases and other ongoing development plans between the two studios?


This is a petty complaining thread from another member of the toxic community.

Sure, it would be nice to improve communication.

They aren’t announcing stuff a day before release.

You aren’t entitled or owed anything.


Based on your extremely contentious post history, I can tell that you would love for me to get into some form of argument with you, so I won’t bite.

I do believe than myself and the rest of the community is owed much better communication around major content releases. I’ll leave it at that.

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They are having a meeting right now to discuss a meeting about meeting and communication.



The circus is down the road bud…

I mean… If me being contentious even gets just 1 more person to use any bit of critical thinking then yay.

They tried an Argos teaser - community blew up. They had a roadmap for Valtan - community went yippee. They had a roadmap for Vykas - community was happy again and now they’re angy. Yes, their timing was off and mid June wasn’t accurate, but the majority of the community had already figured out that the patch wasn’t coming out this week and weren’t clenching their cheeks huffing copium on a Wednesday night - how? Because if it was ready, then they would’ve announced it earlier. Like how now the update is supposedly ready, so they gave a weeks notice and said that it’ll come out on the 30th.

Why do you think you’re “owed” anything? Or better yet, what could they possibly give as a response that we don’t already know and would satisfy you?

  • Smilegate is developing 2 completely different versions of the game
  • Smilegate is supposedly understaffed and they have to handle our version which is already different compared to the rest of the world, bugs, RMT/botting
  • Korea is 16 hours ahead and people have lives so SG and AGS don’t have a direct line of communication. 8am - 4pm in California is 12am - 8am in Korea. Any bit of communication basically takes a day to facilitate
  • SG wants somethings, AGS wants something, Steam wants somethings - yet everybody thinks complaining to the community managers on the community forums is going to make a difference. They’re basically just receptionists - they simply take and convey information, yet to do anything they have to go through layers and layers of approval.
  • They clearly can’t satisfy everybody - even though probably 60% of the population are enjoying the game minus the obvious issues, 30% just want more content and the remaining vocal 10% complain about everything.

How about specifically pertaining to this update?

  • LAO On is obviously their first priority
  • People complained that bots would ruin the economy with the release of bridge (side tangent, fully automated bots hitting 1415+ with good enough gear/scripts to do 25 bridge is super unlikely). So they tackled the bot problem first and there is visible evidence that the botting issue was improved, even without AGS needing to make an announcement, but now people are back to complaining that the update is delayed.
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I think more people are puzzled over the fiasco, and prefer not to see the false façade between either companies that they have been cooperating well. People just don’t want to be lied to , and actually want to know what is going on behind.

Nothing about entitlement here. At least shine light on the development process for the past 4 months or so. Things that can improved etc. As of now, everything is behind closed doors

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Lol so many niave players that dont read before they make a post, they didnt promise us a date for a june patch. They did say there is going to be one in june. Before people wanted promises and how did it go? People cried that the game is fuck up, glitchy blah blah. Now they making sure they dont make the same mistake yall going blah blah blah. Fken kids.

They can keep Vykas, they can keep Artist, they can keep honing buffs… BUT WHERE ARE THE SKINS??? :sob:

You have so little respect for AGS and believed that they were so absolutely incapable of learning from their mistakes or taking in community feedback - that you thought they were going to make a post Wednesday night, “Oopsies, we made a fucky wucky and forgot to tell you guys that Vykas is coming out tomorrow. LaiLai OwO.”
OR they release Vykas tomorrow without an announcement and you’d make another post saying that it’s unacceptable that they actually released it without one.

Here’s another fun thought. You might genuinely want AGS to improve communication, and let’s say hypothetically they do well the next 3 months.

I’d bet you’re going to be one of the first people to make another post complaining when they drop the ball. You’re going to scrutinize over every post, looking for inconsistencies and errors - you’re never going to be happy with AGS because at this point you’re just waiting for them to mess up.

They do, but they wont. shrug