AGS/Smilegate Please tell me why you did this to Western Lost Ark shadowhunter?

Original Shadowhunter demon form.

Western Client Shadowhunter demon form.

Why was this changed?





Seriously though. The first picture is how Armen looks when he goes into his demon form.

Looks like a simple alpha layer texture problem too me

If it’s a bug I’d be pretty happy. Then it’s just a matter of getting it fixed.

Lmao im dying kek

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This is still not fixed, can we at least get it acknowledge as a known issue?

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I believe it was mentioned that we may be getting demon form customization at some point.


Anything that doesn’t just bury my characters features in a dark cloud would be great.

Wow that’s ugly. It looks like a bug because this is obviously not an improvement.

Korea already memes on shadowhunters as looking like cockroaches because of the weird way they move in demon form, but yeah you can barely make out anything on her beyond a hazy black cloud the way it is now.

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I really hope they fix this. It bothers me a lot. The original is SO much better than the one we currently have. I’m playing perfect suppression build on my shadowhunter to avoid demon form until it gets fixed. I do hope we get some customization options for the demon form down the line though.


The excuse that AGS brang was the cheapest excuse I have ever heard, I couldn’t even imagine such an bad excuse.

“other people need to see when transformed”

What on earth is that for a lame excuse for straight up censorship.

Pure white hair with flashy red effects and a totally different stance is WAY better than a giant black blob.

Yep that was it for me. Won’t play this class, another drawback to distance myself further from this game and especially to this so called publisher.

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I’m trying to decide whether to permanently roll with perfect suppression or kill the character.


Same, reached t2 yesterday and didn’t push furhrter… Now I’m definitely sure I won’t play the class, except PS is getting way cheaper (it probably won’t)

I’m so disappointed of this publisher it’s unbelievably, they can’t even admit or change their mistakes.

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For those wondering, we have an official response in the other thread.

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