AGS/Smilegate seriously need to do something about bot

Went to luterra castle today for the new story quest… Thirain is currently suffocating surrounded by “at least” 25 bots… and its the exact same over the 26 current channel of the area… I’ve been here for about 5mn, none of them are moving. I seriously start to wonder how AGS can tell us bots are banned in an average of 10mn, and we still see so much around luterra… even with all the speedhack/wallhack/attack reset… it would take wayyy more than 10mn to get there…
PS: Trixion server


If they don’t, they will start losing profits because of 3rd party gold sellers as well. Half the population of servers is just bots, it’s not hard for them to spot bots.

Just wanting to back this up with a very similar report from Karta. This is what Thirain looks like right now (not that you can actually see him).


That’s after one batch of them DC’d for being afk and a new batch (or maybe the same batch?) logged in.

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And this is why I am done with this game. I might come back and give the game a try again later on if they get this bot problem under control.

There isn’t any excuse for the amount of bots in this game, absolutely none. Other free to play games have restrictions in place for free players to avoid the mass amount of bots, hackers and gold sellers that have taken over this game. All games have bots, very true. But not all games have bots like this. This is unacceptable and I’m no longer going to login just to be disgusted by the amount of bots blatantly roaming this game.

I’m disappointed. I was really enjoying this game and I tried to report all the bots I saw (which would be a full time job), tried pretending I didn’t see them just to enjoy the game and was really hopeful they would get this game breaking issue under control. I was going to try to wait it out for them to get this under control, but now every time I login I’m not having fun, I’m disgusted, and I’m not going to waste what free time I have playing a bot infested game.


Starting a new character is a real eye-opener. All early zones are congested by ant-trails of endless, ENDLESS bots. Never seen anything like it ever before.


Enviska server …

it’s just disgusting how rampant the botting is

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