AGS/Smilegate you have an absolutely insane Bot/RMT problem

Let me start by saying that I know their is a lot of issues going on with the game right now and the player base. However, the most oppressive one is botting/RMT. This issue should be issue #1 and it’s not even close, botting has become such a problem that actual players are not able to play the game anymore due to waiting in q’s for bots to farm, not to mention the affect on the market.

I hope that sometime this week you can come out with a long winded explanation on how you plan to tackle this very serious and real problem. I absolutely adore this game, but when bots outnumber players around 7-1 it makes it very hard to continue logging in.

I only feel for the new player experience as botting as probably crushed all hopes for them as well.

Please firm you stance on RMT, no more slaps on the wrist it simply won’t cut it.

Sincerely a very dedicated and depressed player.

4 Likes 7-1 you would assume thay the na playerbase is about 50-100k?

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while its beating the dead horse at this point i feel like the importance of this problem cant be exaggerated enough. Fully agree with you and its sad to see a game im enjoying so much be negatively effected by this issue everyone in the community is being impacted by this and hope that something will be done soon but at this point it seems like its falling on deaf ears,


Welcome to the forums! Don’t get sucked in by the forum dwellers! On a serious note though, they have been doing literally nothing for the bots. Posted several posts ranging from vern bots-1445+bots farming inf chaos and nothing gets done.

Glad you took time outa your day to give feedback, as Im sure most just hit Alt+F4 and never come back.

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As I said bots GROWN much faster than earlier now. You have to fix this or bots will take over this game. We have heard from your last words about bots since 23 days, but nothing have helped. I have no idea how you will solve this problem.

while i agree ags could be doing a better job addressing the botting issue they can only do so much as the bots keep evolving, and i think ags should be taking account the people buying from these bots and making examples of them with perma bans and listing their highest ilvl char names when they do.

if people were at least made to think twice before rmt’ing it’d be a huge improvement, currently anyone doing it is just doing it 'cus there’s pretty much no known consequence for it and i get we’ve been told rmt’ers do receive punishment it would make the community feel a lot better if you provide proof and name and shame the rmters.

AGS/Smilegate seem to overlook (or at least haven’t officially addressed it) the fact that tackling the bot issue is a two sided thing, where you have to deal with both the supply and demand part of the chain. Bots are only the supply part, and as long as there is enough demand to make it profitable, they will always find ways to keep going.

You can’t be going around occasionally handing out light slaps on the wrist to the few RMTers you decide to do something about while expecting to fully automate banning bots. The VNP ban was an utter failure. It was as much hindrance to bots as the weekly maintenance.

I don’t disagree dealing with the issue is difficult and I don’t expect to ever see a bot free game. But it’s now getting ridiculous with NAW servers getting hit by big queues purely due to bots, while other regions are starting to report seeing more bots too. Cut your loss with your outsourced customer support that does nothing but frustrate players and actually invest in proper penalties for RMTers and counter measures for bots.

I think concurrent players fluctuates between like 100k and 200k, while bots maintain a steady ~500k.

All I know is that if I have to sit in more hour-long 10k person queues like I did today, I’m gone.

We pay the same prices as Korea does
Examples: Grudge 19k, Curse Doll 9k, Keen Blunt 10k

Our crystal prices: 700 gold for 95 crystals

Korea prices: 2500 gold for 95 crystals

We have 3-4x less income yet pay the same prices

Def not because RMTs get cheap gold and can afford spiked prices
We’re do RMTs get the gold, bots
Fix the fucking bots

Lock servers
Force cell phone verification
Actually ban RMTs who are not hard to spot btw
Ban people selling blue and purple gear for hundreds of thousands of gold
If you have lv10 gems, lv12 books or 5^3 engravings, that should be an insta investigation on that player to see transaction history

Just fix the economy and ban the people worsening the game and spending money that Amazon gets 0% of.

Most likely, the chaos vendor changes hurt them to the point where even more bots are being created and are joining even more abyssal dungeons to get carried by real players.

I just feel like at this rate the game will reach over 1 million “users” again with around 900k of them being robots…