AH Item won, but i did not receive the item

I had won an item in AH and it took my Pheons and Gold, but i did not receive the item.

Luckily it was 1 single item but i would like to get the item. I restarted the game and went on other chars to see if it’s a delay. The answer is nope.

Hello @BlinkerFluids

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I’m sorry for the issue regarding the missing item.

I request you to verify the Integrity of the game files on the Steam Client before relaunching the game and check if the item can be found in your inventory.

If the item is still not visible, I request you to submit a ticket to our support staff to escalate the issue further.

I hope this helps. Cheers! :tada:

Right Click Lost Ark on Steam
Choose Properties
Under Local Files Tab Click: Verify Integrity Of Game Files.
Relaunch Game and try again.

otherwise check your mailbox if it hits maximum stored mails and delete 1 or two of em.

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That worked! Thank you.

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