Aiming as a sharpshooter

could the aiming for sharpshooter be better ?
i enabled towads cursor but i notice , the aim is not very good at some situations .
specially with chaos dungeon and also near some edges of walls .
then you never aim where you cursor is but like 45degree off or so .
could this be fixed ?

There’s an option in the settings that’s on by default that will automatically lock onto nearby enemies and I imagine is the reason you feel that way, if you disable that it should be a lot better.

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thanks . yes i thought this would be better left on. i’ll give it a try .
i notice you have a diverent named menu. how do you even move with keyboard ?
it is not even an option with me .

I promise it is much better turned off. Just practice paying close attention to where your mouse cursor is, because that is going to be exactly where your aim goes now.

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It’s a screenshot from the RU version so just a different translation of the same options we have.