Aira's Oculus entry was still used when dungeon automatically kicked me out (Party BUG)

Hello, I’m hoping someone could help me get my entry back for this week’s Aira’s Oculus.

Through party finder, we went in the dungeon. Except, I was the only person able to actually get in the dungeon. The rest of my party members were still looking at the party finder menu… not in the dungeon. Clearly a bug.

After agreeing to regroup, the 3 left the party and the game automatically made me exit the dungeon after a few seconds. My entry to Aira’s Oculus was still used. I was really looking forward to finishing the chosen set and getting some gold as I don’t have much gold for upgrading. Just to be clear, I did NOT disconnect from the game. The dungeon had me automatically exit the dungeon as I was alone after everyone left.

Can I have my entry back please?

Server: Galatur
IGN: Nviv

No, please see this post from below yours.

I’m afraid to go into another dungeon or raid now. Is the issue being looked at? Is this a common bug after the patch? How do I know it won’t happen again? When more than half the party aren’t getting teleported into dungeons and the entry is still being used its concerning.

Its been an issue from launch. They claim its being looked into and they are working on a permanent fix, but they’ve given no updates since so I doubt it will be fixed anytime soon. You have to just hope you don’t get dc’d.

It happened to me the first 2 weeks I did Abyss, so I have been following it for a long time.

I didn’t get DCed though. The dungeon made me auto-exit after everyone left. My game did not close. The party members didn’t get disconnected. They weren’t teleported into the dungeon with me, but the game still thought they were. They had to leave the party.

Doesn’t matter, you entered and then left an Abyss Dungeon. That’s all that matters.

Edit: I gave my personal experience, but there were hundreds of posts with similar issues to you who got the same response as me; that’s why I added it, since the response was regardless of the circumstances they cannot give you items in-game or give replacement entries.

Well, that is just frustrating and annoying. Thank you for the information regardless. It was my mistake playing this game after a stressful day. I’ll just go do something else to unwind.

Yep, its incredibly frustrating, especially for a time gated game. I agree, I stopped playing for several days after the two in a row because the support in this game truly does not respect your time or money spent in this game.

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