Aira's Oculus (Hard Mode) bugged


Just tried to run Aira’s Oculus (Hard Mode) in hard mode… and the first boss just didn’t do the stagger check. He grabs someone and one shots the team right away. We’ve tried multiple times and the stagger check never occurs.

Looking at videos from other people in hard mode in the previous weeks i can clearly see the stagger check mechanic. Is it possible it’s bugged right now?

Thank you,
A concerned Lost ark Citizen.

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i figured it out you need to slow down the dps on 2x buff and wait for him to do the mech

Then I bet he got 3 stacks of buff.

To trigger stagger check, every other time he does the mechanic, he will try to grab someone. If person dodges away from it, then welp…

Ok Thank you guys