Aira's Oculus - Last Boss's QTE still bugged

Playing with a controller & azerty keyboard here.
The QTE is always bugged for me, doesn’t show any controller input, just “QQQQQQQQ”, which leave me completely unable to do the mechanic, and rather worried when I’ll unlock hard mode or for content that will have that particular mechanic moving forward.

If it could be fixed so I’m not a dead weight for my team, that’d be great, thanks :slight_smile:

I got the same problem

Bumping cause the issue remains. With Vykas coming it’s going to be a real problem

Bumping, we need answers, it’s a serious matter

You should try switching your keyboard from Azerty to Qwerty (in the game, not in windows), it doesn’t affect typing, just your skills (which shouldn’t matter since you’re playing with a controller).
It fixed it for me :slight_smile:


Also wish auto aim would turn off for Grenade/bomb throwing. I can’t target tail or head specifically. Sucks. Gamepad works great otherwise.

Yea thanks! I’m going to give this a try today! I swap to mouse/keyboard to play Bard so I’ll see if just switching keys to “azer” while keeping the qwerty setting works too

Some skills are buggy with controller too. For instance if you disable auto aim on basic skills “Call of Fate” on the Arcana is automatically used at your char’s location instead of the mob. Super annoying stuff like that. Controller still need some tweaks here & there to be fully operative in my opinion

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It’s a bit clunky, but you can. If you hit right trigger when you have your grenade’s AoE out (or any skill with AoE) you’ll switch between targets, weak points are usually considered a target.

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Wait I didn’t know this. But I changed a lot of the layout and button configs. So what was the default right trigger again? What was it for?

I meant that you have to use the default right trigger, I suppose that means you’re using a program to reassign your controller’s bindings, right?
If you rebind right trigger into any of the buttons of your controller, it should become “switching target” whenever you have an aiming circle up.

At least I think that’s how it works since I didn’t find any keybinding for switching target, I added “Right trigger” atop of my Right thumbstick in reWASD, allows me to switch targets with it and still move the mouse around with it.