Aira's Oculus/Oreha Preveza hard mode requires 1370 instead of 1355

I could not understand what is the logic behind the decision of changing the hard mode of Aira’s Oculus/Oreha Preveza to 1370 instead of 1355. All the other REGIONS have them at 1355; however, ours are at 1370. I couldn’t think of any reasons/good intentions behind this.

Despite of that we are going to have more ways to obtain honing materials in the future updates, players still don’t unlock any contents(only one chaos dungeon level) between the dead zone of 1340-1370. I would say this is terrible game design and it leaves a bad taste in players’ mouth.

We have had many positive changes and new features, such as buying additional rewards with gold instead of blue crystals in the end of abyssal dungeons and having the option of DirectX 11 on the launch. Nonetheless, all the positive changes leave me wonder why are we missing such a critical game changing patch in our version. Not only the patch can make the player experience much better, it also can make the transition from 1325 to 1370 much smoother.

PS: In addition, giving players more honing materials doesn’t dissolve the fact that there is no NEW content from 1340 onward until 1370. The lack of content after 1340 is just not very motivating and it is/will continue to be the key of declining in player base. Not even mentioning that the ghost ship for Tier 3 is at 1370 and the world bosses are at 1385+. (I’m aware of that you can participate in the Moake co-op at a minimum of 1340, but the gap is there inevitably)


Also Igrexion and Yoho were also changed a long time ago to make the dead zone less “dead”

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the 1340 deadzone is kind of why i havent played much in past few days. I got to do a whole bunch of stuff in t1-t2 but now in t3 i’m probably going to be sub 1370 for months and sandbagion got stale after the first time.

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I’m also getting there. After 300h I ran out of content.

There are no more collectibles for me to do that aren’t time gated via either daily limit, scheduled spawns, rapport or daily quests.

1355 to 1370 will take me at least a couple more weeks considering the mats we can obtain daily.