Aiwana Island quest feedback

Not entirely sure if this is a localization, translation, or just a bad assumption quest line, but, ah…
My female Shadowhunter just landed on Aiwana Island and some chad NPC called me a “fellow” and told me to go flirt with women there on vacation.
“A Good Day to Love” is the name of the quest, and Handsome Ronald is the questgiver. I’d rather flirt with him than with the women on the island, but ok…
Aren’t we beyond the lame assumption that all gamers are male at this point? Reminds me of the Leather Goddesses of Phobos text RPG I played back in the day that had me getting nasty with another woman, and the Syreen in Star Control II that also had female characters making comments about my junk. -_-
Yeah, I’m old. I’m also female, and a gamer. Just giving my crankypants feedback on this lazy quest dialog.



sooo women are not allow to flirt with fellow women?