Aiwana Island Token quest chain broken

I have completed The Perfect Getaway already, I have no quests left available on Peyto, I have done the hidden quest on Aiwana Island. I still have not gotten “The Island of Dreams” quest. Volta will not offer it to me on Peyto. It is not completed in my quest log, and I have not received the Island token. I believe the quest chain bugged out somehow and I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to retrace the quest line over and over without any ability to fix it. This is holding my back from 2 Island tokens and a great deal of t2 mats.

Any ideas?

I also encounter a bug with the Aiwana Island quest. When I look up The Perfect Getaway under completed quests it doesn’t show up and the purple quest is not available at the npc on stern.

Same problem here, I cant accept the quest in Stern also I don’t have it completed yet

Hi!!! I found a method that fixes the problem for me. I think maybe these roster quests only show up for one character. So I had The Perfect Getaway on an alternate character. By abandoning the quest, I can now accept it on my main character. Hopefully, this works for you.

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This worked for me too, don’t know how I got the quest on my alt since he never left Vern but this was the solution! Thanks

Unfortunately I’ve never done a quest on an alt, only chaos dungeons, etc… so I can’t imagine that is the problem. Glad you got yours figured out

For me, the issue was I didn’t accept the quest from the barman on Peyto to start the Aiwana Island questline.