Akkan hard paywall

How many people are gonna quit now when they put a paywall on akkan hard?

Argos was too fast released but since then even I who don’t buss and raid with my friends every week have been able to be at hard level and higher. People are saying I am not ready for akkan hard but I have done x2 chaos dungeon and x2 guardian raids on my main since day one… so I wonder when am I ready?

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do you neeed to do it on day 1 ?


What is your definition of need?

Textbook one. What i mean is. You dont have to grind hard to get to akkan hard on day 1. Just play normal, hone, get to hard and do it.


In MMO games not everyone can do content day 1 XD so funny ppl on forums… Play till you get there simple thing… LOL these ppl really expect the game to stop just for them


I don’t need to do it but I want to do it and I don’t want to have to pay monies to reach the paywall? Game is f2p is it not? Funny how the game is for raiding with your friends but we gonna have to start bus and scam people to reach 1600 before august :confused:

why would i quit cus akkan hard is in august?
theres 0 reason to do hardmode over normal since they drop the same stuff, hardmode just drops slightly more.

if you fomo or quit over akkan hard you need to look yourself in the mirror and touch grass


Sure not everyone can do it. But someone who have played 5.8k hours and are almost 300 roster level with 20 chars on one roster and 4 chars on alt roster should be able no? Thought game was f2p but now there is paywall? Why only the people who pay can do hardest raid content at release?

Then just wait till you reach the needed itemlevel ffs… If you dont want to pay then guess what: dont pay :man_shrugging:t2:

Then dont pay. Get there with your own pace.

Not only I that get a sour taste in mouth from this. My whole static don’t really feel for pushing 1600 and people with smaller roster then me can’t. So if game is designed to raid and have fun with friends, why they force us to start bussing to make gold or try scamming people somehow to reach itemlvl paywall :confused:

Bussing is not giving you gold… its actually taking it away from you…

Bussing is selling the raid? Instead of doing the raid normal with my static we gonna have to split up now and go full corpa mode to sell this to bozos or scam bozos to reach 1600 :confused:

Why you need Akkan hard day 1? You have Akkan normal on 1580 ilvl.

If your static is splitting because only half of the players have reached 1600 then I’d say you have a shitty static :joy:

Why don’t i need akkan hard day 1? Cus I am hardcore raider that wanna do it?

If you are hardcore player you shouldnt have any problem to achieve it

No. You know the game design create structures? So far we have been abled to raid normally and keep up with hardest content. But now some might wanna push akkan hard and some may not. This incentivies us to split up and start selling raids instead of playing together. Is that what the game devs wants us to do?

like if you are so worried about doing it with your friends/static. then just do normal until you all ge there. and then do it together. like slowing your progression a teensy bit and maybe losing like 2k gold. oh no!

Enough with the don’t do it day 1 stuff.
I have been playing non stop from day 1. I run 6 characters, level 10 gems etc etc. I have 4000+ hours in the game according to steam.
And I will not be able to play it on Day 1. With such time investment my assumption is that I should be able to do it.
Obviouslly my assumption is wrong.
I have never felt “ahead” in this game. Their whole idea is that you never get that feeling. But there is that thing that… “I am so behind why should I bother”.
And with my time put into the game… this “balance” feels so broken and detached.

So yes, things start to lean more and more on dropping the game, which is sad since I do enjoy the raid content.

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