Alaric's dungeon quest issue

I did Alaric’s Sanctuary today from Abyssal Dungeon matchmaking, and later on I got to the quest where I need to do the dungeon to keep the story going. Im not able to do it since i had done it literally 30 mins before getting to that quest.

I am now stuck without being able to progress due to the game allowing me to do the dungeon before the quest. Will i really need to wait a week without progress to do it?

Or can I be granted some way of doing the dungeon? The gane shouldnt allow you to do it if its gonna ask you to do it in a quest later on, i shouldnt have to wait a week to progress.

Thank you for ur help

yes you will have to wait a week to complete that quest, and no worry the quest isn’t long at all and almost has no importance to the game. As soon as you complete that quest, the only thing you need to do next is sail to an island and that’s all. So don’t stress it.

Always press tab and check mini map for purple quests before doing anything that is time gated

Don’t worry, this is a minor side quest :smiley: it wont hinder your progression :slight_smile: