Alaric's Sanctuary weekly count Bug

So basically, I was trying to enter the third abyssal dungeon in tier 4 abyssal dungeons with my friends,
we all work and we all tried to find free time to play this dungeon together. we made a party and we gathered ourselves 2022-03-09T03:00:00Z.
suddenly, we all saw a pop-up Didope can’t join because of the weekly entrance count that was a shock for me, to be honest, I tried to enter solo same issue restarted the game several times, and still has the same issue, I don’t know if any of you faced this situation or not but it’s not that nice after a week of work you and your friends gather yourself to have fun and suddenly you got a boomer in the party that put me in a very bad situation so that I should tell them to enter it without me. the funny thing is that I didn’t even play it nor got the rewards of this dungeon it’s like I got scammed they took my entrance I didn’t play with my friends also I didn’t get any loot or rewards.
It’s better to have a justification and compensation for this most likely I will have to enter it solo without my friends because of this bug or I’m quitting this game because I’ve had enough problems in my life and I’m not willing to add another one to tilt me for no reason instead of having fun playing the game, I’m feeling really bad about that and I want to hear something positive from the dev. team.
Thanks in Advance,
Best regards,