Aldebaran (NA East) - Cannot open Store

I’ve not see any official posts indicating this is a known problem, but on Aldebaran (NA East) it seems the market/store is completely inaccessible. I’m attempting to claim my founder’s pack items (I bought it sunday/early monday before the maintenance.)


Hello @Kelnis and Welcome to the Lost Ark Forums, we’re happy to have you here!

Regarding the situation with the in-game store on some regions:

Thanks for sharing it with the community, we hope to have it solved soon, stay safe! :smiley:

Still nothing :confused: I hope that we’re not just going to be SOL on our $100 plat packs.

Stores now been down on Aldebaran for over 24h, kinda ridiculous


Does that include the Twitch drops?

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Yeah because you have to use the store to get them

same in EU shop is down. some hours ago i bought the Vanquisher starter pack. The next time i logged in but i could not get them because the page for it was loading infinite, a relog later it was gone.

Hopefully it’s resolve soon so I can use my packs. Don’t need them at the moment to level but I’d like to use my skins ASAP

Yea, I bought a pack two days ago and nothing. This is extremly frustrating

Our packs that we paid for will more than likely expire before we get the chance to use them then they will just be like cool thanks for the money

If they screw us on the pack, at least in the USA, well.

Per the FTC they are required to provide the purchased goods/services within 30 days of the sale. If they are incapable of providing the goods/services within this timeframe, they are required to notify you and give you the option for a refund in full.

If they do not meet the timeframe and do not provide a refund, you can dispute the charge within 60 days of the purchase directly with your credit issuer (or debit in some cases), charge them back for it, and/or report them for fraud at

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