All "available" servers are now locked

So now every single server is locked.

How do we play with our friends now all you “MaYbE-yOu-ShOuLd-CoOrDiNaTe-BeTtEr”-dumbos?


It’s an absolute shitshow. Going to stop playing the game till they figure this out. Left my original server and made a character on a new server and now my friend can’t even join :upside_down_face:

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How did you manage to make one and your friend didn’t?

Mabe they will open more servers! Be patient…they can’t know how many people are joining before they have the real numbers!

They seem to be rotating servers to spread out the playerbase across them all.
A server that I know for a fact was locked earlier was open when I checked later (Procyon).
Though, at current time of edit (03:16 CET) all EU servers are locked. So who knows what’s actually happening.

Thats actually interesting… I might get on to Una after all

You know whats funny if the new founders packs were issued after servers came up they would be back at ground zero because say i made a character but my friend was at work for 2 hours. He is already locked out from joining me and i wasted my new pack theoretically

You literally have to wait to create characters with every friend you plan to play with all at the same time or youre screwed

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