All card xp enhancment points gone

since the patch i have lost all my card enchancement xp .

Make sure to claim everything from the new universal storage menu in the Card Catalog, mine showed up without issue

where is the storgae in there as cant see it

Hi, @leethalstylezgaming. Let me know if @Masn suggestion worked. I hope so! :slightly_smiling_face:

i dont see a storge option when i alt c

There is no storage option at all in the cataloge

@Pneuma there is no universal storage at all in the card catalog ive swiched toons relogged and nothing

No storage at all millions of card xp gone its sety to zero and god knows what else might have gone. have no universal storaage in the guide tab nor in the card catalouge alos added new cards from rewards they added fine but the xp cards did not add to the stored xp and it stayed a zero

Username Clagger -Server EUC Wei

@Pneuma any news on this bug at all???

Go to the last tab, where u awaken your cards. Up in the left corner there is a box that says “select all” and in the bottom there is a button that says something like “claim all”. Claim all your cards in there and they show up in your normal catalog

i have all my cards its the card xp enhancment points that was stored its now 0/9999.999.999 i have millions stored there so its rst to zero after the merge


There should be a 4th Tab after Equip, Books and Enhance, the “Storage”, where you can claim all the cards from both servers after the merge

Asyou see i have cards its the xp in to right has set to zero aslo no storage tab to claim the xp back. so like i said after merge the stored xp has not moved over and set to zero millions have gone

As funny as it may sound, have you tried verifying game files on steam?

I have read that someone couldn’t access mail or storage yesterday, and verifying files fixed the problem for him/her. Apparently his/her game did not update properly and had to fix it on steam first.

Your case might be similar (or not)

i have vertifyed my steam file all are fine for the game aqnd still the same after logging back in :frowning:

Hi, @leethalstylezgaming. I have submitted a bug report to the team.

ty @Pneuma

When I reported a bug when game just decided to remove items from my bag, I got an answer from your support after 2 months that was “escalating” the issue several times by that point, and I never had the bug resolved. That was on Vykas release week, exactly 3 months ago. Ridiculously bad customer service

You just posted an edited screenshot to try and get free Card XP, you can clearly tell it’s been changed


wtf u on about why would i lie its not fake ps stop spreading shit its not fake at all what would i gain as they would check and see from reset that it was 0 i have spent over 3k in the shop in cash on steam in this game what would i gain from faking card xp u pleb and to lose a account for that its the graining from my monitor on how i have my nvidia shaders also its whats behind the tab as its transparent. i don’t like how u just come out and say u edited the pic sort ya self out ok mand if u want to sor out scammers just sitin game and report all bots … instead of speadind BS about people who try to report a bug and i never asked for the xp back and cried it has gone as i know they will see its happed due to the merge like others lost stuff.