All Chamkuri mounts from loggin reward

Hi, me and my friends choose different mount each of us so I though this may help some people choose their Log in reward.

PLEASE note that the colors can slighly change in different zone and lightening!

This is not classic post so I hope it is okay!



I wish i could stop being so negative, but the game has so many minor grieveiances it adds up.

2 here. You can preview aestethics but only in cash shop? So for stuff like this you go in blind and posts like these somewhat makes sense.

And while i actually like this mount, sadly its just a reskin with literal added feathers.


Mhm, I know what you mean. It was really jump into unknown for us too to choose, thats why i posted it.

For it being reskin, well its completly free and I like the Soda color more than the not reskined one so I am okay with it :smiley:

You can stop. That’s all on you. Not everything has to be cynical. If it is, well, that’s 100% a choice.

It’s a freaking bird mount…not exactly something to get chuffed over. But again, if you want to be negative about it…that’s you.

To be blunt.


You took a whole lot of words to say you dont like people criticising your game.



  1. not my game. I didn’t write it.
  2. you stated you wished you could stop being negative. You can.

You don’t want to stop…you thrive in it. Acceptance is okay.

Has nothing to do with the game…it’s you.

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Bro this is LITERALLY free stuff and you really are complaining? lmao


My main complaint was the lack of previews which are kinda common place. I think thats quite valid.

As for the mount, yeah you get the same mount for free twice, i found it slightly annoying but its not a big deal, neither i made a big case about it.


A skin would be nicer but I guess they’re not done censoring it yet. Don’t know why that’s taking long either, but AGS isn’t exactly known for their creativity or work ethic ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Bruh pls

  1. Don’t pretend you didn’t understand what i meant. Or youre just dense.

  2. I don’t think my criticism was invalid, so no, it has nothing to do with me that the fact the game is made like so.

Why do i complain? Because i actually still play and like the game. Close to 200 hrs.
If you think that ignoring the faults of something you love/ like is the way, then youre the one should do an inner evaluation, not recommend it to others.

Now please walk away, fanboy number #364 and let me know when you want to have an actual constructive conversation or dispute my points rather than personally attacking me.


Aw omg I didn’t know they had flowers on their head. The light blue and pink one looks so cute, 2 more days til I can get it :,( thank you for this btw

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Yeah they are super cute uwu

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You are welcome! Happy to help.
Yes they have different flowers, though I noticed 3 of them has a color from their color palet and two does not (which I do not like at all why does yellow and green has a blue flowers)

Thank you very much!

I was so close on picking mango but now I think I want the kiwi one c: I absolutely ADORE these, but I’ve also always had a weakspot for feathery mounts…

(Edit: I took the kiwi one c: It is adorable and they even have a “I can fly!” ability that causes them to bounce around and flap their wings <3 )

I picked peach c:

Everyone should put aside their grumpy grouchy attitude and celebrate the long awaited chamkuri day! :3

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Agreed! I got Kiwi for myself. <3 I absolutely adore it, and it matches my favorite pet too (you can see it briefly by the back of the mounts head!) ! c: