All claimable items moved from CE to EW server?

Server: Mokoko
Character: Zhrieker

I have my main char on EC Mokoko server, but EC has been pretty full these days, so I went and created a dummy character on EW Petrania server. When I did that I could see all my unclaimed items were claimable on Petrania. I didn’t claim them on Petrania though. When I went back to Mokoko, all the claimable items were gone. I originally got the items while I had only played on Mokoko!

The missing claimable items are:

  • Launch Celebration Gift
  • LoLA Neugier Gold Mount
  • Saphia Pet Chest

Can you help me get it back to my main character (Zhrieker) on Mokoko, please?

Kind regards

Ok, now it shows a red “3” near the box at the top bar, but when I click it - nothing is in there, it’s empty.