All i want is my twitch drops and platinum pack

im not fussed about starting a new character. that to me is just part of any mmo. but i want my twitch drops with me and my platinum pack that i paid money for. If i had these id switch instantly but im a sucker for having collections in games aha xD

what about you guys, would this be enough for you to switch regions? EUC to EUW.


they refuse to respond, but I agree

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I also would need the skins that I bought from the store in EUC. Then I would switch. I care more about my collection than time lost.

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i understand that it might be hard to transfer a whole account but i dont understand why they cant meet us in the middle and just give us the stuff we bought and earned in twitch. its annoying cause i wanna play the game but cant because of Q times. then elden ring is coming out and tiny tina wonderland aha i hate this … :frowning:

Well, they responded. It’s just not the answer most people wanted to ear: your drops and packs are tied to the roster that unlocked them. You are not getting them back.
That is how Smilegate designed the game. Almost nothing is account wide.

yes but since EUW started much later, how could we know this? I really belive EUC would get better so I claimed everything there and as I said in other threads, just make an OPTIONAL reset/wipe button on EUC so we can claim it on EUW, this would be a win-win situation for everyone.


For now I will stay on EUC and hope for the best.

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Switched to euw but very bitter about it and still feeling very ripped off.


i genuinely believe they will do something, ive never seen a gaming company ( except maybe EA xD ) that just say, nah not gonna fix it. i just think they dont know how to yet. maybe not now but soon i believe they will do something for people who just cant play the game.

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