All items from packs should at least be roster bound

It seems obvious to me and I don’t know why it’s not like that already but the fact that some items from packs are bound to character while others are bound to roster make no sense.

Simple example : “Thrifty Fall Pack”
All battle item chest are bound to roster while the additionnal “splendid” consummables are character bound.
The fusion and leapstones selection chest are bound to roster while all the “pouch” (blue/red/shards) are character bound.

To me, this lead to a stupid issue where I want to open the Thrifty Fall Material Chest on my main for the splendid consummables which can be usefull for GvG, busses and so on. But I clearly don’t want the pouches to be bound on my main. And if I want to open this on an alt, it will end up having some splendid consummables almost useless to him.

Almost all packs have this issue and I don’t see any reason. We have to pay real money for it (and it’s not cheap) but in the end you kinda get scammed immediatly by wasting a percentage of the pack on a character which will not make use of everything.

It can be so easy to fix, all the character bound items have many roster bound equivalent.
The item list should be edited so we get the exact same amount of everything but roster bound only.
And if you want to make a pack with only character bound content that’s “okay” but then everything should be consistent not like now.

Thanks for reading, I hope you will fix this simple issue, I’m pretty sure a lot of people will be happy about it.

Have a good day o/


Especially these new Thanksgiving packs read “roster bound” on underlying chests/items so I opened them all on my main toon but now have several bags of honing crystals and leapstones that I planned use with alt toons. Also, while the 'tradable" skins are 3-day restricted from selling on the marketplace, they can’t be placed in the roster inventory either (or do we need to wait 3-days even for for roster placement)?. In any case, please convert all of these purchased items to roster bound, thanks.
Screenshot 2022-11-23 145357

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ya once u buy one make a mistake u buy another. That’s AGS game plan

Yes the 3 days also applies to roster inventory.


Anything bought in the shop should always default to roster bound. It doesnt matter what you buy it on. Its much more simple to open everything and disperse from storage than min/max openings across 6+ characters.

You could spend 10 minutes micro managing openings… or 3 minutes opening and putting in storage. Ill take 3 please, already have enough dailies to do.

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Sadly, I feel like they don’t care about this problem at all…

Aside from being inconsistent, I think it’s counter productive, it may be better to just buy gold with your royal crystals and buy what you really need instead of a pack where you will only use a part of it. It may result in less pack bought.
And if we talk about chinese gold then it’s even worse, why spend 10 bucks to buy a scuffed pack when you can get a lot more unbound stuff easy to use with RMT ?

Those packs should be the most appealing possible. By making them super worth and convinient to use.