All my crystals are gone and my crystal aura too

So I logged in this afternoon (German time) and found that all my crystals (the blue ones) plus my crystal aura are gone… they all had been there earlier today… so… can I get them back please?

Thank you very much.

Hello @nadomir ! Hope you are doing great today! :man_mage:

Welcome! We are glad to have you here! Thank you for posting into our forums!:sparkles:

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing some issues regarding in-game currency and crystal aura missing from your inventory, we surely don’t want this kind of issues to happen.

Unfortunately this is an ongoing issue, but gladly our community managers have addressed this issue in past threads and developers are working to get a solution:

We very much appreciate your patience while they are looking for a fix!

See you in Arkesia!:crossed_swords: :leaves:


Kindly note that the official post you linked is 6 days = SIX DAYS old and there was no update since.

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things seem to have kind of normalized now… only that I still cannot do in game purchases …