All my firends from the list disappeared

All my firends from the list disappeared after the server merge. Former Brelshaza now Ezrebet.

Hey @Playon hope you’re doing awesome and happy to welcome you to the forums!

I’m sincerely sorry for this situation with your friend list disappearing. Let me know if you’ve taken any steps or troubleshooting already?

If you haven’t tried, please refer to the steam web page to verify steam files integrity and restart, let me know how it goes.

I’ll be awaiting for your response, have a nice day.

Hope it’s useful, see you on Arkesia!

For now i have tryed to recreeate the categories with theyr original names as i had all my friends categrised. It didnt work.
Still i see them when they come online and cant add them on the list because i recive an error messege saying that they are on my friends list.

As my last stepp will be checking the intergrity for the game files.

PS: Verifying files integrity had no effect. Still missing all my friends form the list.

PS2: Same thing happend with the " SEPTEMBER 7" update when the list was converted to be roster-wide but back then all my friends got deleted and could add them back.

I can’t event send another friend request as they are already on my friend list BUT I CANT SEE THEM

Any updates on this situation?

Discoverd someting today.

When i click on the “Please enter search words.” my list appears tough when i click outside the box the list is empty again.

Problem solved.
For anyone that has the same problem:

You have to create a new group. When you click on “Please enter search words.” you can right click on each friend and move them to the gorup.

For anyone that has a lot of friends it will be a pain in the background… :slight_smile: have fun.

Hello and welcome to the forums @Playon and @Yoften,

I am sorry to hear of this issue you are having with displaying your friend’s list but glad you were able to find a kind of work around for it. In the mean time, and given this is not intended behavior, I have moved the post over to the Bug Reports section of the forums for review.

See you in Arkesia! :wolf:

Hey everyone. This issue has been reported to the team, in the meantime, @Playon’s workaround seems to be the best option for now.


Hi, I have the same issue.
Had different people in friendlists on both servers that got merged, now I only see them from one server. Thanks for the trick to make them appear, that will help.

What I found out is that I cannot resend them friend request, but they can send me and it gets fixed after I accept. Need to do it one by one tho.