All my gems are gone

All my 11 lvl 7 gems gone when i change gem preset,any one have this problem?EUC neria char name Voltral help pls

Hey there @humiteruc Welcome to the Lost Ark forum!

Sorry to hear your gems are missing, please follow the steps in the following link to search for your missing gems in all your character’s inventories and storages:

If after following these steps you still can’t find your gems, please select the Web Ticket option to contact our Support Team directly and request assistance restoring your gems.


This just happened to me too, did you get them back?

Hello @tobytaylor2020,

Thank you for following up on this topic. Please note each scenario is different and we suggest you submit a support ticket via the link above so that your individual scenario can be reviewed.

Good luck! :wolf:

Yes i do get them back after open a web ticket to support team.

Hello I did submit a ticket, I got disconnected whilst in a boss rush which for some reason cc caused my gems to disappear. It’s been resolved now.

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