All my items i had in universal storage has been erased ! help

all my universal storage items has been wiped out i had at least 3 pages of items ! help

I’ve moved this over to the support section. Also, what is your character name and server name?

Hi @chaosunleashedxxx

Hope you are doing well!

I’m really sorry for the problem with all your items in your universal storage.

Please try to verify the integrity of the games files with steam to check if there any corrupted files that is causing this problem.

Steam Verify integrity of the games files

If the problem persist, please reach out our support team by creating a web ticket to help you further with this problem.

Here is the link:

Contact us

Also please make sure to shared the DxDiag once you have reached support, you can pull it following this steps:

DxDiag report:

Go to Windows Start search bar and type dxdiag.

Click on dxdiag.exe.

When green progress bar goes away, select Save All Information and save the file to their desktop.

Hope this information help! :wolf:

i already made ticket a day ago again should i make new open to upload the requested file ?

Hi again @chaosunleashedxxx

Thanks for you reply and for let me know that you had made a ticket before.

In this case I recommend you to reach them again to ask for an update of you ticket.

I also gonna be monitoring this post in order to know how it went.

Hope you have a nice day! :wolf:

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well the support reached out to me and asked for print screen for the universal storage …
so i provided them and added the Dxdiag report
but it seems support is already missing the mark .

Hi again @chaosunleashedxxx

Thanks for your reply and for let me know that your reached support and give them all the information need.

Please in this case let’s wait 1 or 2 days more and if you don’t get any news or response from them, reach them back asking for an update of your case.

I’ll keep monitoring the post to know how it went! :wolf: