All regions are available?

You just made a post saying “Maintenance and server merges have been completed and all regions are available.” here:

But EU west is still down.

SA is not available as well haha

The answer is in the text! EUC doesn’t have merge and the maintanance was 4h. EUW is region with merges. The maintanance can be 12h.

they said “all regions are available”. they probably meant all servers from Europe Central are available, but you know… we must comment! :smiley:

They said: Maintenance AND server merges have been completed AND all regions are available. That no confusing Its just wrong.

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And new update from now: Server Status | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG

SA servers shows which mean they will be online soon. Still EUW servers are not visible.

Apologies for that one, the message has since been edited.

As per the server status. SA and EUW are still under maintenance.

Apologies from me too since this one was my fault.
It was a mixup caused by me that has been corrected and won’t happen again.

Thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:

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Why EUW players always waiting ? Sigh…

I guess part of it has to do with the merges, but as soon as the region is available again I’ll announce it. Until then I am hear to help pass some time while waiting :slight_smile:

Hi , do you have an ETA to communicate ?

Sadly not.

Thanks for yours answers. Is there a “regions merge” plan ? Because we feel a bit alone in EUW, And i don’t think this merge will solve that.

We are not alone … there are lot of bots =)

At the moment we are only merging servers on regions. I hope the current merge will solve the alone problem a bit :slight_smile:

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