All Servers online now, except EW

post cant be empy

Downloading update now. Let’s hope, it’s a big update it seems.

Can confirm servers in NAE are up.

We EU really are the underdogs in this game,


EUC and SA servers have shown up

NAE is up, zero compensation

yikes, expecting immediate compensation.


YIKES, they had 15 hours to do it. :clown_face:

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We are beginning to bring the game back up region by region as the update completes. Some regions are still in the process of wrapping up maintenance, which means they may lag slightly behind. We will let players know when all regions are back up and running.


Compensation was not planned to be immediate; as stated in the original post, we will work to determine compensation after all servers are back up and running. Additionally, granting compensation requires new files to deliver – the priority was working through today’s fixes, not delaying further so compensation would be released immediately.


EU’s been waiting a good 19 hours and NAE comes up first? Your priorities are showing :clown_face:


well, too bad the gold islands do not spawn during the night…

True, most of streamers being from NA.

No worries ROXX, everyone knows we’ll get 2 aura resonance and 30x phoenix feathers. Such good compensation.

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hello roxx, got any info when players are able to request server transfers since you guys have something close to server transfer tool??

Its 3:28 in eu, not that many ppl on, while na east is 6h behind and west 9 hours.

Getting the game back up is a good start, at least we can zerg through the daily routine quickly without it messing up our normal 2x bonus rotations.

Thanks for the updates Roxx

NA West says Hello! Apparently not enough streamers on this side of the server :frowning:


No one cares about NAW unfortunately, sadge, i’ll just sit here and wait

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Not exactly an excuse, EU gets stiffed every patch considering it’s always done when NA players are asleep… if the compensation between regions is identical then again, Amazon priorities going HARD