All the complaints about moving to EUW

Easily solved had they implemented transfers.


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Too late

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The issue now is… Some of us planned to start anew there and stopped progressing on EUc. So it would be unfair to us, to let people transfer.

I know. If they had this feature implemented from the start, everything and all headaches would have been resolved.

People want to go different region? Transfer. Lose no progress or twitch drops.
People want to go different server? Same! Everything preserved.
They can even profit from this so much.

Extreme lack of foresight on SG’s part.

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I mean it happened in New World where they had to quickly start developing server/region transfers.

I would think they would have had this under development or in progress already but apparently Smilegate doesn’t even have it prioritized for development.

it’s not smilegate, Korea had server transfers for a limited time too, the only issue is Amazon is either too lazy or doesn’t think server transfers are needed and therefore even a week after release they still haven’t even hinted towards us getting a server transfer option.

What do you mean Amazon is too lazy? They wouldn’t be the ones implementing the server transfer system, they’d need smilegate to do it

Yeah it’s not AGS doing the transfer development. AGS wants it too but Smilegate doesn’t seem to care about it as much.

again no, smilegate has already MADE a server transfer for korea, all amazon has to do is change it to work for their servers/setup. But again they seem to not make any effort towards making a transfer whatsoever if they did we would’ve heard about it already.

Amazon runs the servers, they created them, they develop everything for the servers, Amazon made the founders packs and the pets from the twitch drops, not smilegate, smilegate does not do anything with the servers they simply develop the game.

No…the server transfer system they made in Korea would not work here and even if it did, again smilegate would need to work with Amazon - if you’re gonna blame one of them you need to blame both

Yes they run the servers, a server transfer system would include client-side change which as you say, smilegate develops the game and would need to make that change with the game