ALL the gamepad issues in the game

Since I’ve seen many different gamepad-related topics which all seem to be small and get lost in the sea of queue- and f2p related topics, I want to try and compile all the other threads into one and try to keep it active.

In this post we have several issues which right now have not been adressed yet.

  1. The auto-targeting function is too rigid and basically sticks to the first enemy, which may be fast, but doesn’t allow for adjustments to actually be effective.
    Controller Aiming Issues - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - Lost Ark Forums (

  1. Deactivating the aim assists lead to another problem, which resets the cursor to where the player is facing. That means manually aiming before activating a skill is basically not possible, except if you face the character to the target beforehand. Not effective, leads to a lot of missed shots.
    Gamepad support is unusable, at least for ranged - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - Lost Ark Forums (

  1. The automatic appearance of the virtual keyboard is driving people nuts. There is no clear way of deactivating this function as of now.
    On-screen keyboard on controller - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - Lost Ark Forums (

  1. There is, as far as I know, no way of increasing the cursor speed for gamepad. Please correct me if I am wrong, please.

  1. Gamepad vibration activates when other players attack obstacles like barricades, or when trade skills are used by other players

  1. The UI seems to cluttered to actually show the button prompts for gamepad and skill-descriptions are cluttered as well.

  1. There is a bug, that disables the B button, when it was spammed in cutscenes beforehand. This issue will last until the next cutscene.

  1. The inventory comfort-function (instead of click-hold-drop you should be able to click and drop) does not work as intended.

  1. Reconnecting a gamepad while a joystick is tilted freezes the game completely.

  1. There is no comfortable way to use quest items on gamepad

Another problem, although not as big, is the fact that for some reason other people attacking obstacles (everything that is not an enemy - barrels, barricades, destroyables etc) or using trade skills in your vicinity trigger YOUR controller vibrations.


Only way to increase cursor speed or make it slower is externally, open Steam in big picture mode, go to Lost Ark, controller config, click on the right stick, change to mouse joystick, then adjust mouse sensititvity speed, and assign right click action to the right stick in that same setting.

This game does not seem to have any thought of properly integrating the gamepad.

I am playing on a gamepad in my PC, because this game won’t let me use my Nostromo Tartarus for keybinds, does not allow shift or alt modifiers.

And the tutorials only tell you the keyboard keys for actions and menus without their gamepad equivalent.

The keybind key text also is an afterthought, the LB+LT+A/B/X/Y button combo doesn’t even show completely in the icon, so you don’t know where you are assigning your actions to as they are elliptical-truncated text.

Very poor practice and feels like a total cash grab.


To add to this, there is also a bug having to do with spamming b (skip) during cutscenes. If spammed, it disables the b button bindings until the next scene, where we regain the ability to use the B button. This applies to all of the permutations of the button binding, from B to RT+LT+B, RT +B, etc.

To reproduce, simply mash B quickly in a party of more than one before having the second player choose to skip.


I never noticed that myself, but I can see how this can grow annoying really fast

I havent even gotten that far, that I need to bind such combinations!
Glad to know its possible, will check it out surely!

THAT I need to try out. If this is true that is really wild xDD
I usually use L3 for skipping dialogues, or does B have another function there?

bump, the lack of being able to type conveniently is really annoying, and the keyboard popping up in places it shouldnt (like just clicking to go to the next page in a market) reallllly hinders gameplay sometimes.


I noticed this as well, I thought I was going crazy when my B button suddenly stopped working but then it works on the keyboard


+1 this list summarizes the gamepad issues well. The gameplay is really fun to play on a gamepad otherwise, so hopefully it gets the attention it deserves.

Also for the virtual keyboard issue, I’ve discovered if you press Enter instead of clicking on the chat, it doesnt seem to bring up the vkeyboard.


Bumping for attention as many of these are an issue for me, I have no clue how people can play this with a mouse and keyboard.




Its is really weird, like, why did they think that gamepad users on PC wouldnt want to type on a real keyboard? Is this a prototype for consoles? But those have their own v-boards, so… weiiiiird.

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Yes absolutly, the rest feels well done and invites players for a more action oriented gameplay. Also more comfortable, as soon as the comfort functions are gone, weirdly enough.

I managed to emulate an xbox controller using my keyboard with this software: GitHub - Snoothy/UCR: Universal Control Remapper [Alpha] (read the readme for the keyboard and xbox controller part)
I was able to move my characters using wasd but unfortunately I couldn’t aim with my mouse, the spells always go in the direction of the player.

I need responses from the devs. I’m not going to spend more time and/or money in this game if they don’t fix this issue as I really hate having to move my character with the mouse (comming from games like battlerite)

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The setting which is supposed to make clicked items stick to your cursor (pick up and drop instead of drag&drop mode) doesn’t work for me on controller.

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I am in full support of this. I love playing the game with a controller, but I cannot stand the automatic keyboard spawn, and the force ground placements in front of me. That and the mouse movement speed. You know what is funny, is there is a glitch you can do with a controller program that makes the auto lock ground placement to unlock. I got it to work twice, but I cannot replicate it anymore. It was REALLY nice for it to place under them, and then be able to readjust it.


I’m not in game right now so no screenshot, but if you hover onto a skill on the skill ui and it’s got a lot of text, the bottom text is hidden with a controller ui showing how to scroll up/down the flavour text and so you can’t see if the skill is a stagger: mid/low/high.


Yes, the issue persists as long as gamepad is activated. Even when you only use mouse controls then.

I am a bit busy, so I couldn’t test that myself. Is that still an issue? I added it on the list nonetheless.