All the gems and aura is gone

dont tell me i bought a founders pack just to lose the aura and gems after 3 days.
most of the players on my server lost their aura. fix this issue right now !!! eu players are not garbage u cant just mess up and do nothing.

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DO you read announcements, Or do you just come to sling mud. THey have identified the issue and are working with smilegate to get a patch out ASAP. Unfortunately developers do not have the power to blink and have fully wriiten and tested code it takes time.

Well Iā€™m still out of Aura and all blue gems, all my best items are locked in pet inventory that I can not access.

This is really annoying. Not even I have to log in at 3AM to be able to play on EU. But all the stuff I PAY FOR is gone. This is so frustrating

Its a known issue i just talked with a supporter and they still work on it.