All timers are now off (presumably by an hour) due to 3/13 DST change

Pretty self explanatory.

Daylight saving time just happened a couple of hours ago, now all of the in-game event timers are off by an hour. Nothing originally scheduled for 6AM EST actually happened at that time (Shangra, etc). I can manually account for this in my head because I knew it happened, but it’s going to be confusing for a ton of players and should therefore be the highest priority of immediate fixes.

This is a separate issue from the other event alarms bug thread, as DST just happened.


US West has same issue now~ showed that a grand prix was starting at 4 am PST, but it wasn’t up so assuming daylight savings messed up all the timers

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Thank you for the report, I’ll ensure this is escalated to the team swiftly.

Just want to check, has the server time that appears in the top left of the screen been adjusted properly as well?

Server time in top left has been adjusted properly it shows as 4:32 PDT for west coast currently (which is correct) but the timers are all wrong now, it showed the race event starting 32 minutes ago (which would have been an even hour/correct) but it didin’t start.


At this point, if you change your system time to manually and turn off DST auto it will give you the timers correctly but we shouldn’t be adjusting the OS timers for this… This issue was raised with OCE players days ago and no one cared, we actually in advance warned about this.


Yup, there’s been so many threads from OCE players about timers being off and we got ignored. I had to adjust the OS system to time get around it. The timer shouldn’t be relying on the system clock at all.


so thats why im getting confused as a OCE player with event timers my god that is so cancer

@OminousOnion Yes, the server time in the top left-hand corner is displayed correctly.

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Ingame clock appears to have update but compass is broken.

Server time is correct, it was EST now it’s EDT, but the alarm timers are all off by an hour.

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There’s been timing bugs since launch, it looks like the only reliable timer finally broke as well.

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I’d like to point out that my timers are still totally fine. I live in a place that doesn’t do DST and everything is still accurate. That’s not to say that this issue isn’t something that needs to be fixed, but I’d like to put it out there so that when a patch for this gets pushed hopefully it won’t break my timers.

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traveling merchant’s are not spawning either…

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Yes, everything is off by 1 hour. Please fix ASAP! This needs more visibility. :grimacing: :grimacing:

@OminousOnion 13 hours and still no fix?

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Hey, in all seriousness - why wasn’t this escalated LAST WEEK when it was being reported by the AU/NZ community? The dev team could possibly already have had it fixed before this issue affected more people.

It feels like it was ignored because we’re not in the big US or EU landmass.


Europe only shows times in UTC, so we are off anyways…

Confirming that this issue still persists a day later.

The USA, the east has the same as Daylight Savings which make the timing of the event all go one hour behind. Players running around telling how bad the game should change on time do not even feel the player base is too big in case let players feel bad EXP of this game. To Quit!

They just need to adjust the event timers to DST since this game is from KR that was not calculated. I guess they are waiting for a patch from Smilegate, I don’t think AGS can change that code, but it should be a priority to fix it so we don’t have to change our OS.