All unclaimed gifts gone (founders pack, twitch drops etc)

I saw plenty of posts about crystalline aura gone but not this so I am reporting it.

So, for me and my few buddies everything that we had in the place where you claim founders pack is gone. I had 8 things there including founders pack, crystals, crystalline aura for 3 and 5 days, all gone. It was gone yesterday. It appeared in the morning around 9 am and disappeared again (before making this topic)
We need to claim it till tomorrow to get bonus loot (since we changed servers) but we can’t.

Pls fix
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Same here all twitch drop gone and 3 days cristalline aura doesnt work (I activated it yesterday but it doesn’t work) :frowning:


Ive got these since the F2P launch, i cant even claim the complete founderspack cuz of this.

The store also say under maintenance or “slow”…

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i got the same issue, i had the amazon prime gifts bugged and today they disappeared.
can be fixed by the staff?
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Noticed today that my founders pack and crystalline auras are all gone… Did someone get help for this?

All drops gone and all crystals gone. WTF?!?!