All write SG please a email and tell them the situation in west

If mutch guys do that we can preasure them.

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pressure them to do what

im not entirely sure what you think this would do.

smilegate is very likely the reason for todays long maintenance. remember they make the builds (and id assume do tests on them before they send them to amazon) that come to us, not ags. (tho ags may also test it when they first get the build)

if SG didn’t know about the situation, then who was handling patches to the maintenance team?

nice :clown_face: post


So what is the situation in the West ?

You are aware that a lot of our issues is directly related to how smilegate is treating western release right? For example, recent downtime and patch issues is completely SG fault, not AGS as they just sent patch with bugs at the last minute to them.
They know the situation on the west. If something is not related to localisation, shop prices or weird stuff like change of sh skin, it’s probably SG doing not ags

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