ALLL these bots, but I get softbanned for beating up the 2hour+ barricade

Hey Devs, Mods, WHOEVER.
How about instead of punishing us for PLAYING the game how you designed it.

You deal with the THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of bots running rampant.

Context, me and my wife are beating up the barricade that takes ~2 Hours
So, Attacking, and attacking and attacking… and more attacking.
To get the Seeds on the other side.
Bots running by nonstop for the quest above us…
Yet I get slapped by softban.


Hey @Deathpunkin

Welcome to the forums hope you are doing great!
I understand this situation can be frustrating and can tell the team is working on getting a solution for the bots.
I do apologize about your softban and if you need to appeal or know more about this situation should be requested to the moderation team: Appeal a Penalty - Support | Amazon Games

Keep gaming hero!

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