Allow Ability Stones to be Roster Bound... Please! (no Pheons between roster characters)

Listen, I understand the place Pheons play in the Market and it makes sense… to an extent…

What I don’t understand nor like, is how many Pheons we have to dump into the Ability Stone Casino on all of our characters… Then even when we get lucky enough to find the perfect Casino Stone for our Destroyer, we found it on our Glavier. Why are we still punished trying to move a stone from one character to another and have to pay the 9 Pheons?

Can’t ability stones just be Roster bound so we can move between our characters in the Roster Storage… please???

If you can give a legitimate reason as to how this could be abused and ruin the game, please let me know… everything else about them stay the same, 1 time Tradeable and cost Pheons to buy on Market but just make them Roster bound so we can use our storage to give a stone we find on one character to another without paying 9 Pheons to probably just end up dismantling it anyways since the Casino gave us a 5-6-5.

Its so frustrating find perfect stones to try to roll on all the wrong characters and none on the right ones.


This is a Profit driven Game, If there is a way they can make Money or let you pay they will.


This will never happen.

dude they’ve already seen thousands of these posts. no one cares, just pay the 1 time stone

Sadly I have to agree with previous replies. None of those pheon threads get any attention from CMs, so I guess they have either answer to those that people won’t like or they were told not to answer at all. Normally if they have no answer they would just say “Thanks, will forward it to [someone]”, but we get crickets instead.
I’m sure that in KR this issue was raised numerous times as well.

Reality is that this is moneymaker for them that doesn’t require much effort. Players need pheons and pressure to have 4x3 and 5x3 benefits AGS and SG.
You can either wait till you get enough free pheons, wait till you get good stone on correct character, buy pheons or just quit game.
Maybe they will change this but I suspect that it will only happen if this game is in dire need of players. Or they will just let it die and make a new one.

You know why? Money :joy::joy:

Ye, because the first stone you buy gets to a 7/7 or even a 9/7

Ags is all bout that money, ain’t nothing changing except they might start charging shit that was originally free just like what they do with Amazon music and Amazon prime.

I know it’s all about money, and I am not against it at all. All I was saying is that it would be nice to be able to share stones found between our roster characters… I mean, we would still end up having to buy on market anyways because getting a 7/7 on your first stone is very, very unlikely, but at least we would be able to make use of a stone we found in a chaos dungeon to try it on the correct character without being punished to just moving it over.

It would just give us 1 free chance at the casino stone on the correct character, but we would most likely end up having to buy 10 more off the market anyways - it really won’t hurt their pocketbook much at all, and it would be a nice little morale boost for players and encourage more alt play.

Obviously once you facet it, it would become bound to THAT character. I wasn’t suggesting being able to share a 7/7 Faceted stone between characters because that is nutty (but also kind of awesome now that I think about it lmao).