Allow Character Transfers Off Maxed Servers

Allowing Character Transfers from maxed server to low pop server should be added. Having friends that just got the game no able to join is kinda sus.

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Absolutely agree, have friends who cannot create due to server being to busy.

Very much agree.

Troll sighted . Her he is…. No don’t let them clutter my sever!! Just kidding everyone who paid to play the game (everyone At this moment) deserves to play !!

With free to tomorrow …. Better have more servers !!!

bump. I’ve basically paid to queue or just start again on a quiet server. Early access was pointless. The past 2 days I’ve spent 7 hours queuing

i have like 5 hours to play and i wait like 3 hours at queue. I used my founder’s pack on Asta in 9 of february. And now is impossible to log… Please let me transfer my char to another server with low population…

actually it’s worse. logged into another server to realise everything I’ve paid for is locked on the other server. €50 and 50 hours… on thirain, with a 12685 position in the queue, yesterday and day before was 8700 = 4 hours wait… so this is getting worse, not better

i feel you i waited yesterday 7 hours XD