Allow Controllers to aim in direction of cursor

Currently, the moment you plug in a controller, the skill attacks change from attacking towards your cursor to attacking in the direction your character is facing. This should be a feature that is toggle-able considering controllers have the ability to move the cursor, thus they should be allowed to aim towards the cursor.

Having the attacks always attack in the direction your character is facing with a controller can be a hinderance to skills that require aiming and controller users should be allowed to move the cursor for manual aiming as well.

This should be on a point/basic skill basis like gamepad aim assist options are as it is convenient to have basic skills aim towards direction character faces, and aim skills to be towards the cursor.

Note: This persists even if all aim assists in gamepad settings and in gameplay settings are disabled.

There have been multiple complaints regarding this on reddit as well and I will link them below (Unfortunately only two are allowed for a new user):
Reddit Complaint 1
Reddit Complaint 2


Please add this support.

Another reason not noted here is this doesn’t only happen with controllers, but when playing with a gaming keypad like the Azeron Cyborg, Razer Tartarus, etc. With those, we’re using a partial keyboard and joystick in one hand and relying on the mouse with other hand. So having mouse aim assist toggle-able for this setup, would be very helpful.

Thank you in advance for any improvements to make this setup more playable.

I’m having the same issue. I can’t land spell in the direction of my cursor if using controller, which makes the game unplayable for me.

Please, we need this! (:

Great suggestion OP. This should be added.

This. Absolutely required.


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