Allow trusted players using cloud gaming

Please consider allowing trusted players to continue playing using cloud gaming solutions. Since day one, I’ve played using a popular cloud gaming service, and it’s been a great solution for me. I’m a software engineer by trade and my desk is already occupied by a Linux server and MacBook Pro workstation. Buying a Window’s gaming PC just to play Lost Ark feels really bad when you already have >$5k worth of computing power on your desk. To make the matter even worse, I’ve spent ~$3000 on Lost Ark… That’s more than enough to buy a high-end gaming PC, yet here I sit… randomly unable to play the game because of a blanket ban.

I understand the reasoning behind the decision. Bots are bad, I agree, but is a blanket ban the only possible solution? Is there no way to “only allow trusted players to connect via common cloud gaming IPs?”. Not only is this a half-implemented solution that negatively impacts a ton of legitimate players, but it’s not even going to have a significant long-term impact when it comes to preventing botting. The bots that were impacted will simply move to more obscure IPs. Meanwhile, thousands of legitimate players are being locked out.


I just checked their Twitter… apparently they’re fine with cloud gaming as long as they’re getting a slice of the pie. Real clever AGS…

Is the service you use closed? If you ran the game via shadow for instance would some one hypothetically not be able to use a lesser know vpn to access the server?

If it’s a closed service like boosteroid for instance i can see the issue.

I was using shadow and the issue is indeed that their IPs are “well-known” and thus easily blocked. A majority of the botters will circumvent the issue by using obscure IPs.

I mean couldnt someone use an obscure ip via shadow? Hypothetically of course. Can you not run a vpn on shadow? I havent used it for awhile tbf

hmm so, I thought about setting up a VPN on a home server and connecting from shadow back to my home (to use my home IP), but outside of that I don’t think so… Companies like Shadow generally buy a “block” of IPs. e.g. maybe they bought and that would then give them ~65k static IPs ( -, but they’d all be 192.168.XXX.XXX so still very easy to block.

Yeah i get that, running back into you home network could definitely be a work around. You might not even need to setup a vpn. Just ssh via putty and connect like that. Im unsure off the top of my head exactly how it would work but someone with your background will figure it out i’m sure.

yeah, but it’s a setup and security headache… plus it’s an extra network hop and could potentially be against ToS. I just cancelled my shadow subscription and signed up for GeForce Now. It looks like there’s some new partnership between the two. Sucks for all people that need to use a VPN for other reasons…

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Agreed. Well good luck with it, hope it works out with Geforce. Timing is convenient, the skeptical in me wonders if this has anything to do with bots at all.

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