Allow us to reenter abyssal dungeons we already cleared For the week

This is some sort of a small little nitpick, but one thing i enjoyed about some other MMOs was the fact that even after the weekly lockout you were able to reenter the raid/dungeon.
I honestly do not care about the rewards, they can stay at zero for all i care, but the thing i loved about this was that you could go back, perhaps training new strategies or practise mechanics that you are not good at it.
At the moment, once your lockout is gone in abyssal dungeons etc., thats it, you have to wait until next week to reenter. Kind of lackluster if you ask me.
It might just be me, perhaps a hand full of people, but i honestly would love if that would be a thing. As stated before, idc about the rewards, but the option to let us do so would be a nice thing. It also would make things easier when you want to do content with your friends and/or guildmates, as not everybody has time at the same day or perhaps is not comfortable with fighting a boss yet.


Something similar to chaos dungeons would be great. Yes, you won’t get the rewards but you’ll still get something. Considering that many players somehow find abyssal dungeons extremely hard, at least they can practice this way.

that is already in place actually. you can reenter chaos dungeons and recive a differen currency, which you can then use for materials etc.
basically you can run them as much as you want really. but im not even asking for rewards tbh, just let me reenter at my own volition and practise etc.

Yes, I was trying to tell that we could have the same system for abyssals.

ah okay, fair enough understood it wrong.

I agree. I’d like to help people with content when I’m bored even if there’s no reward allowing to re run it would be nice.

I’m gonna second the ‘let us do content with different/lesser rewards’ situation. I’m going to need to learn this content, and having extremely limited chances to do that practice is going to make it hard to get gud, which I would rather like to do, ya know? The Chaos Dungeon model seems a workable way to do it.

I agree with this, would be a nice change to see. The game doesn’t get easier as we progress, so why can’t we practice/rerun the harder content of the game more than once per week?

I enjoy going to lower level dungeons and helping people learn the mechanics, hard to do that when we can’t re-enter, especially when you burn your entry with a group of guildies. I don’t care if we get 0 rewards, just let us help the community.

It would just open another gap for bots to farm sh!t and killing the game even further. Imagine having tons of Bots, boosting each other through the abyssal dungeons.

I rly understand your point but this system works well how it is rn, at least imo. If you want to do more abyssal Dungeons - Create some alts and enjoy.

Another way to fix this would be a Partyfinder for those who already finished the weekly runs just to enjoy the content once more without any or at least heavy reduced loot.

FFXIV actually had this in place at some point. Got a bit tweaked at some point though: You could only reenter with a premade group and absolute ZERO rewards. so it was really only for rerunning and practise etc.

That would be at least somewhat of a compromise i could live with.