Allow Us to See Blocked Players in PF

I block players who troll in raids and int multiple times in a row intentionally due to things like greeding for dps when they don’t need to

I believe we should be able to see if someone is blocked in a party finder and not be able to see their application if you are making your own party.

That way people I block won’t play with me and people who think I’m a shit player don’t have to play with me either. Win Win


Zerkers would start believing they are actually invisible… not sure that is a good idea :thinking:

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+1 )) Should also apply to pvp queues imo

Blocked players cannot see your party or apply to them in PF… The only way a blocked player can be in your party is through the matchmaking button or if someone else who doesn’t have them blocked is hosting the party.

thanks for letting me know

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you dont see lobby made by player you blocked by the way but its possible they are in the group if not leader i think

I sustain this suggestion.

While you can’t see their parties and they can’t see yours, you can meet on common grounds in someone else’s party.

There are two ways to tell.

  1. Write their SH name in details and inspect every player every time

  2. If they are in the same party lobby, you can’t see what they type or they you. It just doesn’t show up. In brel is easy as everyone types shapes at start, always check there are 7 messages.

In vykas they type spots in g2, but it’s already too late. In valtan not everyone types orbs.

This suggestion is very useful to have. I block only the most absolute of clueless scum and I really do not want to help their progress in any way in this game.

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It’s already the case if you are the party leader and have block one guy, he can’t see your lobby. It doesn’t prevent you from playing with blocked player if a 3rd neutral person is the party leader.

And yes I’m 100% certain of it, because I have experienced some “funny” situation and we figured out it was a block-list issue =)

You block players who greed dps. How tf you figure that out.

Once you block them, they can not see your host lobby nor can you see theres, but if you both joined a lobby where that host is not blocked from either of you then the chance of you playing together is likely and you can tell if he/she or you blocked each other by not being able to see each other messages on chat.

What’s your in game name so I can block you.

That’s not really difficult to figure out tbh, you just have to open your eyes and look at theim playing ^^.

Greeding dps is part of the gameplay tho, but you can quickly tell when someone is just pushing uptime or when someone is just greeding without the technical skill to do it, it’s easy because those who do so end up dying every pull at some point in G6 brel, while some other basically remove half of the boss HP alone.

I’m 1520 btw.

That’s a player testing their limits, living life on the edge. It is what makes them become a better player than the average player.

yea i block players who intentionally troll and cause a wipe by greeding dps. Ie people who aren’t moving to spots and staying as long as possible near the boss for uptime. Not hard to see

you can test your limits, I do that too but as long as it doesn’t cause a raid wipe. And if you’re intentionally doing that causing multiple wipes in arow i"ll block you for trolling

greeding is fine but you have to know how to greed. Not mindlessly ignoring mechs to gain uptime

Well why didn’t you put it that way, of course dying 10+ times I would block and kick too.


I think you should properly do the appropriate movements and placements, and increase uptime overtime slowly rather than greeding max uptime (dying 1/2 of pulls, basically) until you finally start dying only 1/4 of the pulls. That’s the bad way of pushing your limit.

But I’m pretty sure we agree right now. Pushing limits properly is a good way of improving and I constantly do it. It’s just about knowing what pattern to respect and what to maybe push uptime.


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