Almost 1 year old GS still Grindy to death

Reaching 1460 GS which was available from May 2022, is still absurd to reach. Why in Satan’s name the game is like this?? Do these people actually work for Satan?
Put a fucking 40% chance at least to reach 1460 and 25% for 1475 For Satan’s sake.
No wonder G2G is selling 1.5 million gold for 25 dollars, and bots still thriving, and multiplying after 2-3 days ban wave. This game is some Satan’s piss.




even if it was 40/25% chance you would still come on the forum and complain when you hit pity :joy:


im not a bootlicker i just dont overreact to honing like you do you should calm down before you get a heartattack.

Not sure why you even stressing over getting to 1460/1475 , are you rushing for vykas hard or normal clown? you will just get gatekept anyway with base ilvl specially if you dont back up with everything else that provides power to your character.

Cant wait to see that other guy who has 3 weeks playing and says we all cry on forums.


So hard yea

a few clicks later im now 1 hone away from 1490.
then i cant even hone anymore, game wont let me until i not getting still gatekeept because i dont like that stupid “you need 20 perfect engravings” game.


1460 is easy the only annoying part is 1475-1490

It gets worse. Just wait, if the western version isn’t all bots by then.

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Eventually it will just be bots and the super whales buying the RMT so they can keep one-upping each other to determine who has the biggest income, paycheck by paycheck, i.e., Diablo Immortal

satan would want those rates to lose a 0 m8

what is with people that want to speedrun mmos though

1460 is a joke… i literally took a slinger from 1302 to 1460 yesterday.
You have hining buffs to 1445, then its 1 click on each piece.

Oh my goodness. There is no way you played for a year and is only 1460… I am FTP except for skins and Ark Pass and I didn’t even use those boxes yet. Even if you dont play every day you would still be about 1490 by now…

rooster 166 1 new 1465 main , 1 alt, 1490, 1 alt 1460, 1 alt 1445, 5 alts 1415 and i still havent done any Kakul or brel but i still playing without care about bots… i think we play different game :joy:

Quit the game please, getting to 1580-1600 is 50 times worse than what you’re experiencing and much, much, much more expensive.

5 % is such a huge percentage… im atm on 2 items getting them to +20 brel gear… that is the struggle…

man i would love to have after 20 attemps artisan…

if you cry now to reach 1460 or 1490 … i can asure you you wont play in 4-5 month anymore when you try to get +21 on the ancient gear

Got a better idea.
How about we destroy the item when we fail honing, and we have to craft it again?
Instead of having this shitty pity system, that allows you after X amount of fails to upgrade at 100% chance, let’s just do it the old-school way.

Well bots made GS basically free for a long time. I went from 1400-1490 with less than 30k gold spent. The real killer is the silver cost :skull:

Don’t really need +21 Just get like +19 and do akkan normal then get the new tier gear to do akkan hard. Basically free unless you wanna do akkan hard day 1 which is still free if you’re only doing 1 character.

I see that Argos gear, nice bait, lmao

Well since you didnt quote something, but im the only one with a picture here.
Yes its 2 piece argos and 2 peace valtan normal.
Booth can only be upgraded till +20 :frowning:
And i cant progress anymore.

Here without calender