Almost all chest aren't compatible with Artist


I keep since day one tons of chest to open on artist when it release and none are compatible with Artist even if in Korea they are !!


This is really problmeatic as we all waited a lot to meme with her :confused:

yea what we know so far works is the og animal chest, og moko skin, the sambro hat

That was confirmed multiple times 2 months ago.

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I want dino and pixel glasses !

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we were hoping, but wasn’t for sure :c

Guess it will do for now



How !!?

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Gold nerf is something, but no pixel glasses and dino is the real issue :laughing: :angry:

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og animal box the first one they ever gave us

For f sake I used is and the second one of the … summer event? … don’t work :rage:

Roxx said it at least 20 times over the past 2 months, the existing costumes will NOT work on specialists.

Yeah even if it was said (I don’t read all roxx message sorry), it’s weird, chest obtained the X day aren’t the same as Y day even if they named the same and give the same

They should have been updated

Don’t worry, most of the skins have its alternative for artist class in KR. So, they will sell it to you or it will be twitch drops on summer/winter kekw. ags expexts you to grind gold for whales and not enjoy, afk chill with free skins.

Yeah I guess they’ll do that, but I wait since more than a year already, artist finally drop, and now the chest aren’t the good chest, and have to wait who know how much time, 6 month ?

Any update on this please ? @Roxx

Twitch Drops | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG Pixel Glasses !
Just need a dino drop now ! :innocent: (Or to update the chest I have in bag :stuck_out_tongue: )